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Thanks for this great Q&A CatherinelyMe! :D


October 18, 2018


1. Have you ever found yourself questioning your sexual preference when you met someone? If so, who? 

2. Complete which one pairs with your gender (or body type) 
    a. Girls - Have you ever gotten your period and bled through really bad in a public place? 
Thankfully no, lol! Only at home.

3. How many people have you dated, and what is the numbers?
Actually, I have never gone on a single solitary date XD Soon maybe, but not yet!

4. What do you think of this pun? 
    "What was Forrest Gump's password? 
    1forest1." (If you don't get it say it out loud lol) 
Oh m'lord. XD

5. Who is your favorite YouTuber? 
Ehhh...if I HAD to pick one it would be Julian Smith or Rhett and Link (I like the funny stuff haha). Or for music videos, it would be OK Go, because HOLY CRAP, their videos are insaaaane.

6. What song is currently stuck in your head?
Never heard that song XD The one stuck in my head right now is "Little Do You Know" by Alex and Sierra! It's sooooo fitting for two of my characters in my story The Game.

7. Who is your favorite singer? 
Adele, or for Christian music All Sons and Daughters.

8. Who is your favorite girl group? 

9. Who is your favorite boy band? 
*baaaarf* XD

10. Who is your favorite group containing both boys and girls? 
Ummm...I have no clue hahaha I don't pay attention to the band members so much as the music.

11. Do you prefer K-POP or American pop? (Personally I think K-POP sucks) 
Neither, honestly. (O_O) If I had to pick it would be American.

12. What's the worst dad joke you have ever heard? 
XD XD XD Oh my gosh this was so terrible yet funny. 
A dad is washing the car with his son. The son eventually cries out "Dad, can't you just use a sponge?"

13. What's the worst pun you have ever heard? 
I can't say it here lol It might offend some people. Totally unintentionally of course!

14. Have you ever dated a friend's ex? Elaborate. 
Nope, never been on a date haha
15. Has your friend ever dated your ex? Elaborate. 
Repeat, I've never been on a date lol

16. Have you ever been suspended? What for? 
Actually, I've been homeschooled my whole life! Never been to an actual brick-and-mortar public school.

17. Have you ever gotten detention and/or lunch detention? If so, what for? 
Skipping this question.

18. If you have run the mile, what has been your fastest time? 
I run sprints, not long runs haha. I'm fast, but I'm also slow! 

19. What's your favorite football team? 
GO CHHIIIIIEEEFS (or if you mean what Americans call soccer, Sporting KC)

20. Basketball team? 
We don't watch basketball, but if I had to pick it would be KU Jayhawks. My aunt graduated from there pretty recently, and I'm very supportive of my state XD!

21. Baseball team? 
Let's go, Royals! *clap clap clapclapclap* XD

22. Hockey team? 
Never seen a hockey game haha! I think it's too confusing.

23. Has there ever been someone in your life who you always thought was a bad person but now they are such a great friend to you? Elaborate. 
Not yet, but there probably will be.

24. Has there ever been someone in your life who you always thought would be such a great friend to you but turns out they're just a bad person? Elaborate. 
My cousin came to stay with us for 7 months when I was 11-almost-12. I was too dense (XD) to realize that she was sent to live with us for behavior problems. I was glad when she left.

25. What is your school's mascot and colors? 
I do a virtual school, so I don't know for sure XD If you look up Connections Academy you'll be able to find it.

26. Dogs or cats? Both? Neither? Provide reasoning. 
Both! I'm not allergic to either one, and they're both ridiculously cute little fluffballs.

27. Have you ever gotten dumped? 
Never been on a date or dated anyone.

28. Have you ever done something illegal? Elaborate (if you wish) 
Ummm...I hppe not? XD

29. What is your biggest phobia? 
My knee went out of socket once, and I'm afraid that it'll do it again while I'm on the stairs or on a ladder or in the middle of a busy road or something (O_O)

30. Are you afraid of the dark? 

31. Do you believe in the supernatural? (Ghosts, demons, monsters, etc.) 
Depends on the situation.

32. Do you say things starting with "sister" or do you get annoyed by people who do? (Or if you're in the middle and you find them alright) 
I'm in the middle, but I don't say it XD I'll say "dude" sometimes, but only to my family and close friends XD

33. What is your favorite subject in school? 
English, by far. Unless you count electives, where I get to do Animation and Photography. :D

34. Do you sing? 
I think I can, but I've got the world's WORST stage fright and can't make myself do it in front of others :/

35. Do you play any instruments? If so, what? 
I want to learn violin, and I played piano for about 2 months when I was 10 or so.

36. Which Harry Potter BOOK is your favorite? 
None of them. Not my thing, so never read them.

37. Which Harry Potter MOVIE is your favorite. 
None of them.

38. *Link your favorite meme here* 
"NO GOD! PLEASE NO!!! NOOOOOOOOOO" or Cats in Places They Should't Be!

39. What is your favorite movie? 
The Matrix is way up there, and so is anything by Marvel. Also, A Wrinkle In Time, ehr ma gerd, it's like the closest any movie has ever gotten to the book except maybe Hunger Games.

40. What is your favorite musical? 
I don't know, I haven't seen a lot XD The only two I've seen are The Wizard of Oz and Beauty and the Beast. I think B&tB wins.

41. What is your favorite movie-musical? 
No clue!

42. What is your favorite new TV show? 
This is Us (Soooooo gooooooood watch it!!!) or The Flash

43. What is your favorite old TV show? 
Spongebob Squarepants. XD Only the originals though! They totally ruined it when they started making new episodes past "Spongebob, You're Fired!"
44. What is your favorite color? 
Gold or yellow! I love bright colors.

45. What is your favorite food(s)? 
Chocolate! Anything made with chocolate. Or bacon.

46. How many siblings do you have? 
Three, I'm the oldest of four.

This was fun to do! :D


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  • pencils.and.paper.roses

    We might not end up watching it, lol...My aunt used to live in Boston, so I'm probably Red Sox this time, lol. Sorry!

    over 1 year ago
  • Ellie!

    Who are you rooting for to win the World Series? I am a die-hard-and-painfully Yankees fan so no matter what I will not, I repeat WILL NOT support the Red Sox. Even if that means supporting the Dodgers XD sorry Dodgers fans

    over 1 year ago
  • janice

    I don't like Harry Potter, either :)

    over 1 year ago