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Broadway #topsongs

October 17, 2018


    So, I don't listen to a lot of bands in particular. Some people are obsessed with Panic! at the Disco, 5 Seconds of Summer, Fall out Boy, and so on and so forth. Instead, when I do listen to music, it's usually Broadway. My favorite part of June is watching the Tony awards and being introduced to a bunch of new musicals that I can get into. That's how I started listening to two of my favorites: Dear Evan Hansen and Hamilton! An American Musical. 
    For this prompt, because it's so hard to recommend songs from one musical without recommending the whole thing, I'm choosing from a broader spectrum: All of Broadway/Show music. Songs that could stand alone and that won't give away the plot of the musical while still hopefull wrapping you in. Here are my top ten.

10. Seventy-six Trombones- The Music Man: For anyone who hasn't heard of The Music Man, and there's probably a bunch of you, it is an incredibly entertaining, fun, whimsical show that anyone can get into. It was hard to choose between this one and another, Madame Librarian, but the bouncy, playful sound of this one just sticks out in my mind. The overall feeling is just energetic and you get the urge to just dance along. If you can, I recommend seeing it acted out because the characters are just so fun to watch, but just listening to the song itself will make your day brighter. Although be warned, once it gets stuck in your head, it'll take 110 cornets to get it out. 

9. Seasons of Love- Rent: You've probably heard this song, but maybe don't know what it's called. I'll give you a hint. "525,600 minutes." The harmonies and chords and lyrics give this song the hopefulness it portrays. With a decent sized cast with their parts all coming together, it's like listening to the taste of chocolate (if you don't like chocolate, think of the taste of your favorite dessert). This song is just scrumptious. Even if you've heard it before, I suggest listening to it again and thinking about the deeper side of it. Listen closely and just let the moment whish you away. If you haven't, you should. This is another really popular song and popular musical that it's practically taboo not to know.

8. Tomorrow- Annie: If you haven't heard of this adorable musical/movie you probably live under a rock. Especially with the remake they did a couple years ago. Of course, even if you've heard of the musical, yet you haven't heard this song, you probably don't get out much. The music from this song is incredibly popular, and the lyrics are so inspiring that you just can't help but get into it. I recommend watching both movies and listening to the soundtrack because all of the songs are great, but this one rises above them all for me. It's simply amazing.

7. No one is Alone- Into the Woods: Overall, this musical is kinda strange. Not gonna lie. With a racing plot line and conflicting, connected characters, you're left thinking, what the heck just happened? However, this song provides a contrast to that feeling. Not only does it sooth the characters that it is sung to, but it soothes you, the audience. You believe the truth, that no one is alone. Especially if you watch the recent movie with James Corden (yes, that's the James Corden from the Late Late Show) and Anna Kendrick (yes, that's the Anna Kendrick from Pitch Perfect), you get the full effect. It's hard to recommend a song from this musical without giving things away, so beware of maybe (MAYBE) spoiling something for yourself by listening to just this song, but overall, you should listen to at least this anyway if not the whole musical.

6. Santa Fe- Disney's Newsies: This musical is SO fun. I honestly can't recommend any song to you without urging you to listen to all of it. It pulls you in from the start and keeps you hooked with the characters, plot, and music. I honestly couldn't keep myself from dancing along to some of it. While most of the musical is boisterous and fun, this song slows it down a little and gives it an emotional aspect. It also helps to give the characters a more realistic personality with goals and dreams. After listening to this song with its hypnotizing lyrics and velvety sound, I now want to go to Santa Fe just with the way its described. It's incredibly convincing, and the cast is pretty dang fine.

5. Defying Gravity- Wicked: If you haven't heard this song, chances are that you haven't listened to Broadway ever before, or you've just never heard of Broadway. Talk about quintessential powerhouse songs. While yes, there might be some spoilers (you don't even realize that they're spoilers until you listen to the whole musical), it is impossible for you to know Broadway until you've heard this song. The spectacular vocals and dramatic music make it so theatrical and enjoyable to listen to. If you want to listen to some Broadway music but don't know where to start, look no further. It's the perfect song to hook you in.

4. This is Me- The Greatest Showman: While this isn't technically Broadway (YET! There are rumors that this movie will be made into a musical!), it is still an incredibly moving story. Yes, there are times that you want to punch Hugh Jackman's character in the face, the overall theme is super sweet and touching. This song is perhaps the most famous from that movie (it's not like it was nominated for an OSCAR or anything), and it's well-deserved. The meaning behind it as well as the execution of the vocals and choreography just create this incredible effect. It's a relatable piece that is significant in our lives today. I recommend it to everyone, please go listen to this song, or even watch the movie.

3. The Story of Tonight- Hamilton: An American Musical: It was hard to find a song from this musical that didn't give away the storyline as they're all so connected, but this one can definitely stand alone. It can apply to all different scenarios, though especially this one. The soft music and the quartet feel just give it a magical quality that allows me to listen to it for hours. There was even a version of it done by the band We the Kings. It is applicable to daily life and is inspirational in many different ways. The themes of perseverance and faith are evident and provide that deeper meaning. I definitely recommend the whole musical to you, but if you're hesitant because of the rap element, at least listen to this song. It is incredibly moving.

2. Bring Him Home- Les Miserables: Can we please have a moment of silence for Hugh Jackman's incredible singing voice? ... Thank you. Ugh, this song is so touching. Anyone who's ever felt pure love and loyalty toward someone would relate to it. Even though the musical itself is rather depressing, this song has that feeling of hope. The music and lyrics pair perfectly and whisk you away to another world, full of hope and longing. Understanding the plot and what is going on in the musical at this time makes it so much better. I think everyone should listen to this song, or at least a different song from this musical once in their lifetime. Even if Broadway isn't your thing, I believe that the empathetic side of us can connect to this song, whether it's your favorite style or not.

1. Waving Through a Window- Dear Evan Hansen: This whole musical is a representation of the human (specifically teenage) experience, with an emphasis on mental health. This song, in particular, shows the deeper side of social anxiety and what it means to 'fit in'. With a catchy beat and gorgeous soothing melody, you find yourself entranced in Evan's life. This song is what pulled me into the story of Evan Hansen and Connor Murphy. It just makes it that much better that the phenomenal Ben Platt sings the original Broadway version. I recommend this song (and musical) wholeheartedly, especially if you yourself are struggling with mental issues of your own. I know that it has helped me with mine.

So there you have it! My Broadway top 10! Let me know if this helps you get into any musicals listed here, or if it inspired you to get into Broadway in general. I think we need to open to different styles of living, and the theatre community always needs more supporters. Anyway, enjoy listening to these songs (and hopefully musicals) and thanks for reading!
You can find most of these songs on Youtube, and I know for certain that a couple fully taped (or movie-made) musicals like Rent and Disney's Newsies are on Netflix. 


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    I could listen to the soundtracks from the Greatest Showman a thousand times over, in a row (and have done that). I've listened to it so many times that I know the length of the pauses between songs.

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