Peer Review by Suri Purefoy (United States)

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Little Talks

By: RockSugar98


The sun trekked wearily up the hill, spilling his golden radiance as he walked. A tom leapt soundlessly over the fence in a precisely-calculated catenary before he walked paw after paw in a perfect line, equal parts grace and stealth. Then, he reached out a paw and nudged a calico soundly napping, and she opened her heavy eyelids, revealing a set of emerald eyes. She looked up and gave a slight purr at his presence as he sat right in front of her woven basket, his jet-black tail wrapped neatly around his white rotund paws. She could feel the warmth radiating from his petit but muscular frame, and had a waft of his grassy, dusty and sweaty scent, a smell she had grown to love. 

"Good morning beautiful," he said in a smooth and alluring baritone with a magnetic lilt to it. But, their tete-a-tete needs no words. They were the masters of body language. What he merely did was to lay down on all fours and shaped himself like a meatloaf. Then, he tucked his left paw underneath his chest. He narrowed his lids into a thin line like the new moon and reciprocated her purr. 

"Hello you. Where are we going today?" She sat up, mirroring his pose and looked into his amber eyes with her half-closed, almond-shaped and beguiling fresh-green ones. They had a thin black lining, like a top-grade eyeliner those supermodels on the runway would wear. 

"Just follow me pidge," He sat up and got onto his paws, the smear of white on the tip of his tail twitched in excitement as if a surge of current flown through it. A smirk spread across his handsome face with that clear-cut, snow-white, inverted V that showed that easy, charming smile of his effortlessly. She gave him a slow blink and sat up. She stretched her arms in a telescope position, her neatly-clipped claws protruding from their sockets. She shook her feet and transferred some energy into them and jumped out of her basket to embark on this adventure while the whole town lay soundly asleep.  

Peer Review

It opened the curtain a tad more, and let the true, shining light of your piece shine.

Two things I would love to know more about are: what is their adventure they are about to embark upon, and what is their history before?

Reviewer Comments

I really love this piece, "Little Talks". The language was beautiful, and I just adore how you write; the way your words are so perfect, precise, unique, wondrous, and how they fit together so gorgeously.
Your explaining of the cats' movements, appearance, and their purring, is absolutely amazing— so life-like! Amazing job!