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My name is McKenzie, I am a lover of nature and find comfort in writing and other forms of art. I think of life as a blank book and it's the choices you make, that make you, and your book.

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You are an important character in this book called life, everything you do in this life is important to the ending.


January 16, 2016

PROMPT: Setting as Mood

    She stormed out out of the house and felt the calming rush of the wind upon her fragile face. She sat on the old wooden porch and gazed upon the life she once knew, the life she once loved. When she was younger she used to venture outside and she observed all the little things that no one else seemed to notice. The way the sunlight made its way in and out of the tree branches above her, or how even the softest wind flow would make at least one leaf fall.How quickly the sky would light up in colors of oragnge and pink and turn to a light blue, or how quickly it would return to a black sky again.That one familair feeling or scent that brought her back to the good days. When everything was innocent and new.  Sadly now she gazed at the sunlight beaming through the branches, watched the sun set and didn't feel anything at all. What once was a curious child who loved everything, was gone.


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  • aomidomi

    "oragnge" spell check :)

    about 1 year ago