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January 18, 2019

     "Most people did not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply." Stephen R. Covey
     When was the last time you actually shut up? No, really. When was the last time you actually had a conversation with someone who disagreed with you and actually listened? If you were to talk to a friend right now about an important matter, would you find yourself agreeing with them? Or would you find yourself in an argument?

       It's easy to say "stand up for what you believe in". Despite the shy and introverted nature you may possess, beliefs compel one to rear their head and declare what they know. It is far harder to do the opposite, to step down and listen to someone else. Perhaps this is the reason that the United States, a nation whose Pledge of Allegiance proudly declared, "one nation [under God...]", is now so divided. Not since the crisis over the Civil War has the country been so completely split into separate groups. The conclusion both groups have reached seems to be to fight harder than ever for their cause, to rally their brethren into one last final desperate hurrah for the heart of America. In their wake, they leave behind a group that can only follow their example: the youth.

         So where does the solution lie? Perhaps my personal story can give the best answer. My best friend is walking a different path from me and I from her. Yet no matter where our paths take us, our paths will always walk along each other in harmony. I will always be there for her and she for me. Yes, we will disagree and do many times. But where the rest of the country fails to listen, we agree that we can listen. We agree to discuss our ideological differences with civility and intelligence. We agree that we can disagree.

         Perhaps this is where the youth of today can make a difference from those who have come between us. Ideological differences do not necessarily mean hostility, nor hate. Instead, perhaps we can all learn to judge with wisdom and to do the most important thing - listen.



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  • The Bubbling Pen

    This is such a beautiful speech and I'm glad I took the time to listen (well, actually 'read') what you had to say. Amazing work!! <3

    8 months ago