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October 15, 2018


1. What's your zodiac sign, and do you think it fits you? If not, is there a different sign that you think would fit you better?  
I'm a virgo. Umm... I don't know? I'm not a girl, but I am virgin. 
    Anyways, I think the description fits me pretty well. It says loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, practical. I feel like I'm mostly all of those things. I can already tell I'm going to over analyze and spend way too much work on this. So I guess I'm not very practical...

2. What's the time right now where you are?  
It is currently 11:21. Pacific Time Zone.

3. How many languages do you speak? Ones you're learning or half-learned a year ago but kinda forgot about count too.  
speak perfect English. (Cause' I have spoken it my entire life.) I also took Spanish for seven years, but I had terrible teachers so I didn't really learn anything. I also take Latin, which I love.

4. What's the last movie you saw, and what did you think of it?  
I saw Mamma Mia: Here we go again.
It was nothing special. The first one was better, but neither of them were that good. I mostly watched it because my brother really wanted to see it.

5. What's the first song that comes to mind as you're reading this question?  
Cough Syrup by Young The Giant. I'm performing it this friday, so it's going through my head constantly. Also For What It's Worth by Buffalo Springfield because I'm listening to it right now.

6. What are some of your writing habits? For example, are there certain words, phrases, or themes that come up a lot? Is there a trope you use a lot?   
I have a tendency to name characters with D's or P's for some reason.

7. What's one bad writing habit you have? For example, I use extremely lengthy, run-on sentences way too often.  

8. Eye color?  
Icy sea blue.

9. What are your fandoms?  
Warriors. It's pretty much the only one I've been on. It's a book series I love and the community is friendly.

10. What's a song lyric that you particularly like?  
The Good Book, by Tim minchin. It's hilarious. Go on spotify and just listen to the words.

11. A girl's name you dislike? Boy's name?  
Hmm... Bob. Billy. Meggie. Cindi. No offense, I just think they sound kind of weird.

12. Favorite chain restaurant (doesn't necessarily have to be fast food)?  
The crepevine! Not necessarily a chain restaurant, but it has more than one location. They have everything, and it's super high quality (burgers, sushi, pizza, soups, salads, shrimp, fish. Plus, they serve crepes!

13. What's a book, movie, book/movie franchise, song, and artist/band that you just can't get into or think is overrated? By the way, when I say book and movie, I mean just a singular book and movie, and when I say book/movie franchise, I mean a book or movie series.  

The 2, 3, and 4 Giver. The first was fantastic, but I couldn't get into the second one.
Incredibles. It just isn't for me.
Most rap songs for me just don't make any sense.
Big Shaun is bad.
Riverdale. Why?!

14. A food you really liked as a little kid?  
Lettuce. Seriously, a ate it about every day.

15. A random story from your childhood?  
My dad took me into the ocean in hawaii when I was two, and ended up scraping his entire left side of his body against the r reef floor. My mom didn't know, but all I said after we got out of the water was, "Salty."

16. The dumbest kids movie BESIDES The Emoji Movie, in your opinion?  
The Incredibles. One and Two. I know, I know. 
I just thought they were stupid. 
Also The Tale of Despereaux; the book was so good, but the movie was so disappointing.

17. What's the strangest or most irrational fear that you have?  
Not much. Well, I guess nothing. I know that seems odd, but that's the truth.
I have a fear of the dark, but that's not strange.
I guess I might have Papaphobia. Fear of the pope.

18. What's a conspiracy theory/theories that you actually believe in, even kind of?  
Global warming doesn't exist. (I don't think I honestly believe in this, but I think the arguments are interesting.) Look up Missing Links with Gregg Braden - Episode 1.

19. A sound that you really can't stand? And don't do something obvious like fingernails on chalkboards.  
An obvious one, but chewing with your mouth open. I used to not mind, but my mom got so uptight with me that now whenever someone does it, it bothers the heck out of me.

20. What's a strange thing that you know a lot about? For example, Paperbird used to know a ton about water bottle brands.  
I know a lot about obscure torture methods. I read way to many twisted books.
I also know a lot of odd english words, my favorite one being Schadenfreude. It's derived from German, and it means to take joy or pleasure in someone else's misfortune.

Wow. I'm sadistic.
Torture and Schadenfreude.

21. A strange obsession you had/used to have? Not like fandoms or anything, but weird things like arguing over which chewing gum brand is the best or Paperbird's past water bottle obsession.  
Odd nature facts. Octopuses have three hearts, Palm trees are a type of grass, there is a tree that is over 4,500 years old, an axolotl (mexican salamander) can regrow all of its body parts as long as it has a brain and heart. Stuff like that.

22. How and why did you choose your username? I'm particularly interested in this question because some of your usernames are just your names or kinda make sense but then some of you have usernames that are just a string of words and numbers or gibberish.  
It means imperfection is as perfect as it gets.

23. Book you're currently reading, and what you think of it so far?  
The Alloy of Law, book 3, The Bands of Morning. 
It's quite good, but you have to read Mistborn first. (3 book series.) The first series is medieval fantasy and the second is steampunk fantasy.

24. Which meme song is your favorite/represents you the best?  
I don't really do memes...

25. Which one do you overuse the most: parentheses, dashes, or semicolons?  
Semicolons. And dashes recently.

26. What was the last dream you had? If it's too personal or anything you can skip this one, or talk about the dream before the last dream you had.  
I vividly remember a recurring dream from my childhood. I was walking in a ghost town with M&M characters as well as my mom and mickey mouse. When we walked down the street, I remember falling into a spike pit, but then time reversed and I went back out. Nobody seemed to notice; we kept walking until we made it to a flat plain, where one side dropped off into a swirling mist of nothingness. A strong wind picked up, suddenly talking me off the edge, and again, I screamed for help but no one heard me. They just kept on walking as I fell through the mist. Then it ended.

27. Have you ever had any strange, inexplicable experiences, or experiences that seemed paranormal?  
Nope. Although I swore I used the force two days ago to close a door. Although it was windy... No, I am definitely a Jedi.

28. What meme do you think most represents your personality?  
The "ran out of potions mid fight, excuse me while I eat my 87 raw potatoes". It's from Skyrim.

29. Do you think it's worse to grow up in a utopia and then watch it all fall to pieces and become a dystopia, or to grow up and live in a dystopia and never know anything better?  
I like to cherish what I have, so start in a utopia.

30. Lastly, if you had a YouTube channel, what would it be about and what sort of things would you do on it?   
Mostly gaming videos on to-long-streams in roleplay games like Skyrim and Assassin's Creed Black flag, or unity, or syndicate, or origins, or odyssey, or rogue. Whew, ubisoft, seriously, slow down.

My absolute favorite physical thing (s) to do: Handstands, Rock climbing, and Body Surfing.
My absolute favorite physical thing (s) to do: Writing, Reading Fantasy, and playing guitar.


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