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"Words in my humble opinion, are the most inexhaustible source of magic we have."
~Albus Dumbledore

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”
― Louis L'Amour

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I am 7th grade girl who loves to write! I have a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy who’s really sweet, family and friends that I love. I’m a feminist and support LGBTQ+ rights. I am OBSESSED with The Office. I love Write the World and am so happy to be a part of the young writers community! Keep on writing!

Purple Handed

October 15, 2018


I slipped on my favorite purple gloves quietly. I walked down the hall, around the corner, and into the office. I snuck under the table, and into the filing room. I opened the 2nd cabinet on the left. I took out the file, and climbed out of the window.
“Mom, I have it. Did you call the school telling them that you picked me up?” I asked impatiently as I ran in the front door.
“They didn't really like it that you just disappeared, but it's sorted out.” she told me. “Now, show me the file. I've been waited for this for too long. Way too long. Like a tree waited to die. A icicle in the Artic waiting to-”
“Mom, I get it.” I tell her. I give her the folder, also wanting to see what was inside.
“Look! Look!! Oh! Oscar! It's, it's, it's, the scores for the test! Just what the SSEPO needs!” Mom exclaimed.
“Really? I got the right one? That's a first!” I said sarcastically. “I totally haven't saved your butt so many other times! You're welcome. SSEPO would of fired you, then executed you. (That’s the only evil thing hat they’re good at,). Let's go give these to the organization.”
I walked out of the door, proud of my work. I had risked a bunch of things; my grades, the few friends I had, and my girlfriend Polly. Polly probably wouldn't appreciate knowing that I was evil, and worked for a top secret evil spy organization. She doesn't know anything. I want to tell her but I can't.
“We’re here!” Mom exclaimed as parked.
“Way to state the obvious.” I sighed. I slammed the car door, and walked straight into the abandoned senior living center, which the Super Secret Evil People Organization was camping out in. No security, no IDs. The CIA could just walk in, and bust us all. But of course, it looked like people were living there. Mom followed, with an extra spring in her step. She had the green folder in her hand, and was holding it like a mom would hold a newborn baby.
“Dad! What a surprise! I wasn't totally expected to see you here!” I said sarcastically. Since the whole family worked at SSEPO, I knew everyone. Unfortunately, that means that everyone knows me.
“Oscar! Have you come to say hi to daddy?” Barbara Jenkins asked.
“Shouldn't you be at school?” Jan Taylor questioned.
“Oscar! My man! Sup?!” Dave Sholton sat at his desk, hacking firewalls. Soda cans and fast food wrappers lay all around him, blanketing his desk.
“Sorry guys, but we came for top secret business reasons.” I told them.
“Oh, lighten up Oscar! We got the test scores from the school!!” Mom screamed.
“Mom! We have to tell Mrs. Shutterman first!” I almost yelled. I grabbed the file, and walked into Mrs. Shutterman’s office.
“Mrs. Shutterman, we have the test scores from the school. Here's the one from Seraphina Fineberg, oh! She did terribly! Isn’t her father the head of the CIA? Miles Parker! Isn’t he the one who got an A+ in all of his classes? Hey, there's-”.
“Oscar, I understand that it brings you joy to look at other people's horrible test scores, but don't give in to your cravings.” Mrs. Shutterman interrupted.
“Um, okay. Mom, what are you doing?” I asked, confused. Mom was using the metal pickle on the shelf, a toy car, and a bright red double decker bus.
“Well, I'm making an evil plot. It involves cars, helicopters, plastic bags, the test scores, CTA buses, parachutes, grappling hooks, and  the metal pickle on the shelve over there. Let me explain.” Mom said.
“Go ahead.” Mrs. Shutterman told her.
“So, half of us take the helicopters. It has to be a fleet of helicopters, by the way. It makes it more intimidating. Then, the other half would take the cars. The kids would take the CTA buses. We’d meet at the place where you board the ferry to get to Liberty Island, and everyone would pile into the helicopters. Then, we'd fly them to the top of the Statue of Liberty, we’d parachute onto the top of the crown, where the CIA has their main office and grapple into the crown. We'd use the meter pickle to knock out the guard, we'd show the boss Seraphina's terrible test scores, since he's her dad, he'll faint, and then we'd take out the rest with the plastic bag over head trick, and we'd rule the world!  It's kinda simple, but we still take over the world.” Everyone was silent. I could barely stifle a laugh.
“That's a wonderful idea Betsy!” Mrs. Shutterman gasped. I couldn't believe that she thought it was a good idea. I didn't become a junior member of SSEPO, so I could take the bus to the Statue of Liberty and then make a complete fool of myself in this failure disguises as a plan!! This was ridiculous.
The Next Week…
I was sitting on the CTA bus, wondering how I had gotten myself into such a mess, when April MacGillan and sat down next to me.
“Hey Oscar! Aren't you excited? I can't wait! It's going to be great! And it's such an honor to have your mom come up with it!” She told me.
“Mmm hmm” I mumbled ignoring her. As April ranted on about wishing her mom was like mine, Joseph Phillips got on, and sat down in the aisle next to me. A bunch of other evil kids got on, practically jumping out of their seats.
SSEPO was a large organization. With 35 different headquarters all around the world, the Super Secret Evil People Organization was the largest evil group out there. SSEPO’s motto was ‘Keep Calm and Aim to Rule the World’. It wasn't very catchy, but it captured what the organization was about. The name wasn't very catchy. If you haven't noticed, The Super Secret Evil People Organization’s board of directors wasn't very good at coming up with names.
“Last stop, everybody off!” The driver yelled. Everyone got off, just in time to see the cars pull up. The helicopter fleet was flying in. Everybody boarded the helicopters. I still thought that this was a horrible idea. Everything could go wrong, and I had a feeling that something was going to go wrong.
“Are you sure this is going to work? I asked mom.
“Oh Oscar, you are such a glass half empty person. It's going to work.” April butted in.
“I didn't ask you.” I scowled. Everyone was jittery. But I was most worried. I was the first one to jump out of the chopper. Not them. They shouldn’t be worried. Why I was picked, I have no idea.
“Ok Oscar, it’s your turn.” My dad patted my back as Mrs. Phillips put 9n my parachute. My mom kissed on the check. Then, the pilot yelled,
“Jump!!!The police are coming! Everybody’s going to have to jump once Oscar lands!” Carrying my doubts with me, I jumped. I flew through the cold, realizing that I was flying. What would Polly think if she saw me right now? I was nearing the crown, and heard screams from above. I looked up, and saw that everyone else had jumped. I landed on the crown, and took out the grappling hook. I flung it onto the inside of the crown with expertise. I jumped, and pulled myself into the crown. Everybody stopped and stared.
“Oscar Meyers! Just the person I wanted to see!” Seraphina Fineberg’s dad, the head of the CIA, walked into view. I looked around, confused. Seraphina walked out behind him.
“We want you as our newest recruit.” She reported.

15 years later…
“Seraphina honey, grab the Cilantro, will you?” I asked. After I had been recruited to the CIA, and betrayed everyone I knew, broke up with Polly, left my school to be trained, and then 14 years later, married Seraphina, I was happy. It turns out, that she was a genius, but her father told her to do bad on the tests so no one would suspect anything. We were a team, and we were great. SEEPO was long gone, thanks to me. Seraphina and I were lived in a enormous penthouse, as one of the richest spy couples ever. Ahh, happy days, happy days.
It’s kinda weird so no hate please!


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