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~Albus Dumbledore

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Poem about my pup!

Prized Posession

October 14, 2018



Soft as velvet,
Quiet and loud,
Tiny paws imprint the mud.
Dog toys are strewn all across the house,
Chewed up and ripped in half.

You can find him lying on the floor,
Or chewing on the basket of firewood.
We’ve only had him for a month,
But he’s already chewing up the rugs.

His name is Basil,
Named after a man in a British TV show.
He’s a Bernese, rust, white and black.
His big white chest is perfect for belly rubs.
He never plays on the rug,
Only the cool wood floor.

He drives me crazy sometimes,
Jumping up the slippery stairs,
and running around frantically,
Even if he knows he shouldn’t.

Touch his flat multi colored head,
And you’ll get bitten.
He loves the cold
And sitting out by the side door.
He hates his crate,
Even if we treat him with sticky, gooey peanut butter.

We just got him,
And he’s still a puppy.
He will love bounding through the snow,
And the cold bitter winters.
The snow clinging to his thick fur.

I will always remember the time,
When he ran in the burrs.
Millions embedded in his coat.
It took forever to get them out,
And it was only the second day with them.

He’s means the world to me,
He’s part of my family now.
I would always take him,
No matter what.
Other things can be replaced,
But lives can’t.



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  • Cololo231

    Love how this is about your little puppy. Very honest and thoughtful of you.

    almost 2 years ago
  • Johanna

    Aww this is so sweet <3

    almost 2 years ago