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"Words in my humble opinion, are the most inexhaustible source of magic we have."
~Albus Dumbledore

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”
― Louis L'Amour

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Have a Wonderful Day Stranger!

October 14, 2018


It was a warm September day, and Mia and Olivia were waiting at the bus station in front of Howard Edwards Junior High. It was the first day of school.
“I have English first, Advanced Algebra second, French third, and History fourth.” Mia recited. A teenager with floppy brown locks, wearing dark jeans, and a light gray t-shirt, that read “Bob’s Barber Shop”, sat down next to them. He looked scary and depressed, sat down next to Mia and Olivia. Mia looked warily at the stranger, and then scooted, a little away from him, and towards Olivia. Olivia, who was the peppy one of the two, being a cheerleader, randomly said,
“Have a wonderful day stranger!” Then, she promptly skipped onto the bus, humming a song, while Mia, confused, ran onto the bus after her.
The next day after school, Mia and Olivia, were doing their homework, but Mia couldn't stop thinking about the guy at the bus stop. She looked up a place called Bob's Barber Shop, but didn't find anything.
“Olivia, remember the guy at the bus stop yesterday? I didn't like him.” Mia must've sounded worried, because Olivia immediately replied,
“Mia, don't worry so much, it's not like we're ever going to see him again! Calm down.”
Mia tried to. But she couldn't. She felt like she was being watched.
15 years later…
Mia boarded the plane to Paris. She was in her navy blue flight attendant uniform, and was ready for the long flight. She wobbled a little, stepping over the gap, onto the plane, realizing how hard it was to walk around in high heels. A guy wearing dark jeans and a light gray t-shirt that said in big block letters,
“Bob’s Barber Shop” walked on. He seemed strangely familiar. But Mia didn't think much of it. She went on with the take off procedures, and ran through all of her connection flights. From Paris to Copenhagen, Copenhagen to Munich, and Munich to Denver.
When Mia was coming around the plane with drinks, she saw the guy again. She knew she had seen him before, but where? But she couldn't place where she had seen him. She went on, pondering where she had seen him. It escaped her mind when they landed, thinking that she'd never see him again.
On the flight from Munich to Denver, she was coming around me with meals. Unfortunately, it was Chicken Curry night, and everyone was complaining about the smell.
“My daughter can't sleep be use if this horrid smell. Make it stop!”
“Is there Febreze on the plane?”
“My nose is dead!”
Then, another person pressed his attendant bell.
“I want a glass of water.” Finally. Someone who wasn't complaining, Mia thought. He wasn't very polite though.
“This plane is making my throat dry. Do something about it.” he demanded.
“Of course sir.” Mia hurried down the plane to meet his requests.
As the passengers on the flight got off, the impolite man stopped short.
“Have a wonderful day stranger!” He said cheerfully as he drags his suitcase behind him. He took off his jacket, to show his shirt, which said “Bob’s Barber Shop”. Suddenly, with a sense of déjà vu, Mia realized that it was the guy at the bus stop on the first day of 8th grade! Then, he just walks away. Just like that.
Mia told Olivia the whole story. Olivia was amazed, but then shocked. Olivia thought she would ever see or hear about that guy ever again. And now she thought he was stalking them.
Later that day, Mia and Olivia were talking on Olivia's couch. “So, you know Kevin, my boyfriend? Well, he took me to the pier last night, and it was sooooo romantic! He's the best!” Olivia exclaimed.
“Uh huh,” Mia was focused on other things, like the guy on the plane, who she thought she'd never see again. Or the flight that she was going to have to endure from Denver to Singapore next week. She was on that flight a lot, but it still didn't make the 21 hour flight any better. The screaming babies, the complaining parents, the whining kids! How Mia hated it! But she still loved her job. She loved traveling and planes.
“So, you get to meet him for the very first time next week! But, I hope it's okay, because I know that you have to go to the airport that night to get to Chicago. You don't have to go, but I thought you might want to meet Kevin. And, he's bringing his friend, and Kevin thought you two would go great together! Can you make it? We are going to that fancy restaurant on Main Street near my cookie shop. It's new and really cool!” Olivia explained.
“Sure! I'd love to!” Mia said enthusiastically. Mia was really excited to meet Kevin, after hearing all about him from Olivia. Kevin seemed nice, and Mia wanted to meet his friend.
Knowing Mia, Olivia knew that she would like Kevin's friend. He was a sweet boy, and like Mia, easily distracted. When he heard that Olivia had a friend named Mia, he immediately perked up, and asked if he could meet her. He must be really desperate for a social life. Olivia walked to her cookie shop everyday, since it was only 5 blocks. She was expecting today to be a busy day. Her assistant Serena, was quiet and shy unlike Olivia. She unlocked the door, and went straight to baking. She mixed 7 batters at a time, putting one ingredient in all the cookie batters. She only sold cookies, and they were amazing. Her business, “Olivia’s Batter” was doing great, and she loved her location in the middle of Main Street. She only made cookies, but they were new and different. People's favorites consisted of Mango Surprises, Maple Sugar, and her most famous, the Waffle Cookie.
Her first customer of the day walked in, wearing dark jeans, and a red vest.
“It's hot in here!” He said loudly, and took off his vest. His shirt said,
“Bob’s Barber Shop” No! It was him! Olivia couldn't believe this. She was quivering, and speechless.
“Can I have a pumpkin pie cookie, and two mango surprises?” He asked calmly.
“Uh, uh, uh, s-sure.” Olivia replied, shaking. It was him! And he was stalking Mia and Olivia! She just couldn't believe it!
“Have a wonderful day stranger!” He yelled while walking out. Then, he left, as if nothing had happened, but Olivia could tell that he didn't just randomly walk in her. It was a plan. She called Mia, but realized she was on a plane to Singapore. Serena arrived, and Olivia went on her lunch break, thinking non stop about the man.
Olivia explained everything that had happened, to Mia when she got back from Chicago the next day. Mia was shocked, and didn't want to believe it. He was stalking them. The guy, 15 years after the bus stop, was stalking Mia and Olivia.
“It's okay, what if it was just a prank, or a coincidence? I bet he does mean any harm!” said Olivia, always looking on the bright side. But, she didn't even believe her self.
“It is not a prank or some freak of nature!” Mia screamed.
“Let's just forget about it, and have a good time tomorrow night.”
The next night, having almost forgotten about the man, with their worried seized, Mia and Olivia dressed up in nice dresses, put on makeup, and promptly walked to the restaurant. Kevin and his friend Jordan arrived, and they looked quite nice. Kevin was wearing a button down shirt with khakis. Jordan was more casual. He was wearing jeans and a blue button down. Jordan had short brown hair with a little curl in the end. Mia was utterly in love. She and Jordan talked for the whole night. He was probably 2 years older than her, but she couldn't care less. When the night was finally over, Mia took out her credit card, but Jordan had his out first.
“My treat ladies,” he said suavely.
“Thank you Jordan!” Mia said, delighted.
“Oh, and Mia?”
“Yes Jordan?“
“Do you want to grab dinner and a movie tomorrow at 6?”
“I’d love to! See you then!” Mia squealed. Mia was delighted! Mia and Olivia walked home together, and talked all about Jordan.
“I told you that he was your soul mate!” Olivia squealed.
“I know! You were right!” He's perfect!” Mia told her.
“Have fun on your date!” called Olivia as Mia went into her apartment.
At 5:30, Mia walked down to “Olivia’s Batter” to make sure that her outfit was okay for a first date with the queen of fashion, Olivia. Unfortunately, Olivia had left for the day, and Serena was fitting in some extra hours. Mia was friends with Serena, then had met at the shop’s annual fundraiser. The whole town had come, and it had been a huge success. Now, the shop was a town favorite.
“Hi Serena! Is Olivia here?” Mia asked.
“You just missed her! Sorry! I love your dress!” Serena reported.
“Shoot! Okay, thanks!” Mia walked out of the door, still wondering is it was too casual. Too late, it was 5:50, and it was a ten minute walk to the restaurant.
When she got to the resturant, Jordan was already there.
“You look amazing Mia!” He exclaimed.
“Thank you! You look great too!” she said, blushing. As they sat down, she could tell they could talk forever!
At the end of the night, Jordan dropped her off at her apartment in his gray convertible.
“Bye Jordan, thanks for the ride!” Mia called as she hopped out of the car.
“Have a wonderful day stranger!” And then, Jordan took off his sweatshirt, to reveal a sweatshirt that said “Bob’s Barber Shop” Mia was horrified, and ran inside and up the stairs screaming. She locked all the doors of her apartment, and curled up in a ball in her bed. She was so scared! Jordan was the man! She called Olivia immediately and Olivia for in her car, and rushed over.
“Oh my god Mia! This is so scary! And it doesn't even make sense, because it's 10 o-  clock at night! Who says, “have a wonderful day stranger!” at 10pm?!” They hugged and rocked back and forth on the couch.
“Mia, Olivia, I know you’re in there. Open the door for me!”
“Never!!” Mia screamed.
“Come on Mia. It's okay.” Jordan said, in a comforting tone.
“No!” They screamed.
“Mia! Call the police! I forgot my phone at home.” Olivia whispered. Mia tiptoed over to her phone, and cursed under her breath.
“Olivia, it's out of batteries!” Mia whimpered.
“No! No! No! No! We’re dead!” Olivia cried.
“Come on ladies! Just open the door! I don't bite!” Jordan called from outside the door.
“No!” they cried.
“Fine! You asked for it.” Jordan said firmly. He pounded the door once, twice, three times, and the wood splintered. Suddenly, the door came down with crash!
This was write a while ago but I thought I’d share it.


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