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All for You

October 14, 2018


I have willingly morphed my face for you.
I have buried my skin under concealer for you. 
I have picked at my hairs for you. 
I have scrubbed at my skin until it peeled for you. 
I have partaken in your endless lists
of detoxes and diets until no more meat comes out of me.
I have drowned myself in your perfumes.
I have painted my nails like sweet candy for you.
I have given myself skin cancer for you. 
I will go under the knife for you. 
I change my outfit six times a day for you. 
I want to look like you. 
I have given my freedom to you
so that you can make a buck. 

Please take my money,
stab at my insecurities,
and tell me that I am beautiful. 


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