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kelsey mills

United States Minor Outlying Islands

kelsey. cap.

the dark

January 15, 2016

People will tell you it began with a bang - that in an instant, the universe swam is oceans of light and stars. They'll tell you that as eons passed, gas turned to stars and rocks turned to planets. The stories of planets covered in ice and invisible stars are ones we've all heard, as well as the names of the men who discovered them. We talk about the men of history - both those who have built up society, and those who tried to destroy it. They will tell you that you are but a small piece of the same universe we have watched evolve over time. They tell you these things, and they tell you again, until you can repeat them. However, they never tell you about the darkness that came before, and the darkness that will signify the end.


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  • January 15, 2016 - 4:56pm (Now Viewing)

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