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The Naive and Innocent 10

January 15, 2016



    As he caressed my face, I began to cry…… tears of hurt and confusion rolled down my unlined face. Touches so sweet yet disturbing to know who it was coming from wasn't right. I was only ten….. naive and innocent ten. Out of all people.. why me?, Why was I the one you had to choose as your prey? Huh?, I did nothing to deserve this. You messed up my life. Because of you, I never went to any of my friends sleepovers. Because of you my parents are afraid of letting me go out on the weekends. So when everyone is partying I’m at home. Because of you I can’t trust people. You were suppose to look out for me, to fucking protect me and instead you fucked me up. I can never be the same again
    It was August of 2008, my parents went to florida to celebrate their wedding anniversary….and they left myself,my brother and my sister at grandma's house. Luckily, my cousin was over there so I knew that we would definitely have some fun… Then you showed up, as usually I gave you a big hug since I didn't see you in like forever.. poor me not knowing that I embraced the devil himself.  One day my cousin and I decided to make a dance routine for my parents to celebrate their anniversary. It was “Angel” by Natasha Benningfield. Anyway… while I was dancing I watched you come into the living room, sit down and watched us dance. I didn’t see anything wrong with it at the time. When we were done, my siblings and my cousin were going to play outside. They asked me if I was coming and you answered… “ she’ll be down in a minute”.
    While they went downstairs, you called me into grandma’s room. I thought you were going to give me something. But instead you locked the door and told me to dance for you. I began to  look puzzled, I didn't understand why you wanted me to dance for you when you already saw me dance… but like the naive and obedient little girl I was, I did it anyway. When I was done. You told me to sit on the bed. “You know that I love you right?”. I said yeah, I know. What grandfather wouldn't love their grandkid? Then you lean towards me, looked into my light brown eyes and kissed me. It was just a little peck on the lips, it was one of those long passionate kisses. I paused for a very long time… well it felt like it was a long time when in actuality it was probably 30 seconds. Then you began to play in my hair. That's when everything became scary. God knows how much I wanted to leave that dungeon so bad. I felt like I was in hell, being scorched by your element of surprise. Being held captive by the one who was suppose to protect me. You were suppose to fucking protect me. But instead you betrayed me. Now, 7 years later I know that you’re NOT EVEN MY FUCKING GRANDFATHER!!!! You’re my half uncles father and you molested me.You not only fucked up my life but you fucking lied to me!!!You scared me for life, do you understand how detrimental my life was. I hated myself…. And for that I hate you even more! .  


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