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Greetings, humans. Facts about me: Sense of humour: Odd. Style of writing: Well. Randomness: Predictably so. Hobbies: Living. Aspiration: Famous. Likeliness to achieve aspiration: Not very. Biggest fan: Me.

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I should say something wise and insightful in these 750 characters. Sadly, I lack insight. I live to entertain and to be entertained. The world needs more hilarity, and I hope to assist it with that goal.


October 13, 2018


I'm afraid of the future. I'm afraid of the now.
I'm afraid of what I am, what I may become.
I want to fix it all, but I don't know how.
My inability to think makes me feel dumb.

School is getting tough, life is getting rough.
My friends are picking up bad habits.
There's just to much stuff; I've had enough.
Worries are multiplying like rabbits.

My only solution is not very good.
I'll ignore my many woes, I will.
I almost don't think that I should.
But anything goes. I've had my fill.

On the bright side, my troubles are not mine.
They belong to others; the ones that I love
The people around me are not feeling fine.
That's one thing I must think of.
Life is scary.


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  • Cololo231

    So insightful. And poor you. It happens a lot.

    over 2 years ago