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"I don't even know my own self, so who can know me?"
- Min Yoongi

Bottom's Dream

October 13, 2018


Eyes, do you see what I see
Such a rare vision
In the O grim night, moon shining
There cursed me with an ass head
Half his face deceiving me
Name what I am

In truth, I cannot abide
Fright voices call forth, "Away, go away"
Man by man pull out weapons
Where are their hearts?
Blink through mine eyne!
Take my pain
My eyes water ever now

Methinks I was not perfect
But I can do any man's heart good
That will never please them
I am no true

My life will fall
No more pity of your people
No harm to this patched fool
Please, write me a dream
Write me a ballad of this dream

Methought, "Die now"
But hark, a voice: my own
Little company, hear me
I will roar in a little monstrous voice
"Let him name his name"
I was not afread

Gently stir me to Bottom's Dream
This Found Poem was an assignment for my English class and I had to share my proud work. These words are all from William Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer Night's Dream". 


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  • Johanna

    This is so cool!!!

    over 1 year ago