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out of the deck of lgbt cards, im the ace

im dippin in like one week y'all should know where to find me by now

this story was lost in the sea

October 12, 2018

PROMPT: Five Endings

This is it.

Here, in the quiet morning at the edge of the world. After all the pain and loss and struggle, they made it to the end.

Ahead of them stretched out an endless sky and sea melting into one. The grass mixed with sand and salt filled the air; whether from the sea or from tears is unclear.

They made it; not all of them, and the empty space between them echoed in their souls, but they made it. Those who remain look out into the distant beauty and feel something in their hearts settle.

This is, truly, the end.

    NICK: Of all the waters I've crossed, I knew this would be the most beautiful yet.

    AMPHRA: I took a step further into the sunlight. With the sea breeze in my hair, I finally feel at peace. And though the space besides me is empty, I could have sworn I felt Lilian reach out and hold my hand.

    JYLE: 'Look, mother,' I think, 'I finished the journey you started.'

    RYUUN: Finally, the fires have stopped haunting me. So long have I carried to weight of lost souls, searching for peace. The burden is lifted off me. The dead are appeased. All the pain we endured was worth this. I look into the blue infinity and know I will soon be free.

    CASTOR: After all these years living in a forsaken land, I can finally see the beauty of life. Beyond us is the promise of a kinder life, and I know that whatever comes next, we will be okay.
basically: the five survivors of a group traveling to escape a forsaken, dying land, having only known pain and death and despair, find the edge of the world, where they can leave theirs behind in search of a better life.


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