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Time Is Of The Essence

By: Tziporah Dorfman

Tomorrow is your worst enemy. Contrary to popular societal belief, tomorrow is not the ultimate goal and end-all of life, but as I said before, "tomorrow" should be avoided at all costs.  Many of you are probably wondering what in the world this is supposed to mean. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, "Don't put off to tomorrow what you can do today." 

For when you push something off to "tomorrow," you are essentially wasting "today," and denying yourself the opportunity of having a tomorrow. By pushing off the task you were planning to accomplish today to tomorrow, you are in actuality pushing it off indefinitely. Tomorrow can turn into tomorrow, which flows into tomorrow, and then tomorrow shows up again, followed by tomorrow! So where's the time for today?!

That is the essential question. As it says in Ethics of Our Fathers, (Pirkei Avot 1:14), "If not now, then when?" If your time is categorized by "tomorrows," then do you really count that time as well-spent? If a day brings you no joy, but you are constantly looking ahead and saying, "Well I'll enjoy tomorrow, (or next week, or when I graduate, or when I get a job, or when I get married, and on and on and on)," then when will you ever enjoy?

Constant yearning for the supposed "enjoyment" of the future will only lead to actual misery of the present. Not only that, it creates a void within you that no enjoyment can fill. Consistently seeking out pleasures will not fill the void, but will truly widen it, for you will start to discount real moments of joy. True happiness is felt in the small moments that make up our lives. 

It's a common misconception that you'll be happy by big life milestones. A person can, for example, live their entire life thinking that when they get into the college of their choice they'll be happy. It's possible -and very likely, in fact- that when they receive their acceptance letter, they will be ecstatic. But the fact is that when the excitement of the acceptance wears off, and they are back to the nitty gritty details of life, are they really enjoying life more than their high school friends who didn't "make it"? Do they have a generally increased quality of life, or are they now striving for the next (un)attainable goal?

The key to true happiness is maximizing your time. Because a person, really, doesn't know how much time they have. This is not to bash the fact that we must set goals for ourselves to assist us in success. Of course we must, and we should do our best within the framework of those goals. The issue arises when a person puts these very goals as their benchmark for "happiness," since it is unrealistic to expect something so fleeting to arouse lasting joy. 

Remember, you have only been given 86,400 seconds per day, so use them wisely. Justify the existence of each and every one, no matter how small you may think it is, and how very little you think it's worth. "So what if I waste just a couple of minutes on some nonsense? I'll go back to homework right after!" No! Thinking like that is the assassination of productivity, and the onset of a wasted day. It is the job of every life-loving human on this planet to maximize their time to the fullest, and we may find ourselves, sooner than we think, with a world that treasures every minute of life and joy. 

Message to Readers

"Constant yearning for the supposed "enjoyment" of the future will only lead to actual misery of the present."

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Peer Review

Some sentences in here stand out so strongly, I almost gasped. Very well written!

This speech energised me, and made me pumped to close this site and actually do some work for once ;)

I feel like adding personal experiences would make listeners connect with your speech even better!

This was lovely! You have raw skill, which is something very rare to have. Please keep writing and honing your skill!

Reviewer Comments

You are a promising writer, and I shall be keeping my eyes open for more of your work :)