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Instructions for Best Results, Following Youth’s Deliverance

January 15, 2019

PROMPT: Open Prompt

My youth was not safe in my hands
Now, it is eagry offered to you, The:
i. Red Light Kissers
ii. Initial Carvers
iii. Living Room Dancers
Or whoever the offer attracts (usually the most fleeting)

I owe my youth more lively hands
Hands that are:
i. More willing
ii. More impure
iii. That do not ache from immobility
Nor mistake carelessness for movement (appeasing will for love with lust)

You, limitless and fleeting,
without legs like bus ride shakes:
i. Take my youth from these stagnant hands
ii. Carve peace into my unsteady ivory until marrow comes to rest
iii. Hover between my stomach aches and migraines
Letting me keep your name a hum in my throat (sung boldly at confession)

In the name of my rickety spine
Let me be:
i. balanced by your toes
ii. frightened by your fingertips
iii. But still unsettled by my hesitancy
To leave his land of red light kisses (to offer my youth to you)


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