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the traveller 08/10

By: ALangford


cartography of spine:
dust settles on you as
on an atlas

route across vertebrae 
traversed by flat ridged fingertips
as mountain ranges

come to rest
at the curvature of your
throat from glade

to glen. i
am a pilgrim to the
thankless terrain of

nape of neck,
the peak on which my
lips the alpinists

come to rest
as on a map, the 
nib of a

pen with which
i mark the globe of
you and never


Message to Readers

collom lunes are pretty fun tbh but i gave up

Peer Review

I LOVED the way this was written! The flow completely enraptured me!

I would like to know what inspired you to write this. It has an elusiveness that keeps me asking for more, which is the hallmark of a good writer.

Reviewer Comments

What a beautiful piece! I am very impressed, well done!