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idk the start of something

October 11, 2018


    rafina's missed the train so much. the red paint that never chips, the sound of the wheels and the view from the windows. the station, too - nine and three-quarters is always clouded with smoke and laughter and tears. parents hugging children and older kids making out behind the trolleys. rafina waves hello at kyrie jordan - lee jordan's daughter - and the tiny monkey clutching her finger. 
    she hasn't got anyone to see her off (she's taken the bus to london alone since fourth year) so she hangs around for a bit, chatting with a couple students in her year. most of her friends seem to have boarded already, and it'll be a pain trying to find them, so she settles on getting her own compartment. besides, it'll be more comfortable to change in. raf waves a goodbye to kyrie jordan, and takes a moment to stare as the potters and granger-weasleys enter the platform. their children are a few years below her, after all, and they already get enough attention. she might as well leave them be.
    the train is calmer inside - most people aren't on yet, and she easily weaves her way through the halls, ignoring the occasional heckle or whisper. the train's spotless as always, and she finds a nice little compartment near the back. raf locks the door and settles a couple of her things down, storing her suitcases in the overhead and plugging her phone in for the ride. it's about a half hour of this before the unmistakable train horn rings through and they're off. raf settles herself into the seat beside the window, and plugs in her headphones to watch as the world outside transforms from city streets to fields, then highlands, then mountains.
idk - the beginning of some kind of story set in the hp universe. canon-compliant, i guess?


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