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By: Dummie


"Now, if you two don't mind, I'm going to bed before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed. Or worse; expelled!"
"She needs to sort out her priorities."
-Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley
Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone


Some people don't understand which ones
Should be higher than others
Some people think that drugs and alcohol 
Are higher* than family and friends

Some people think that football opinions
Whether it's teams or the political views of it
Is more important to them then keeping friends
Who like a different team
Or have other opinions about the kneeling anthem

Some people think that they are important
So important,
They can just walk right out of your lives
And think they can walk right in at any point
And not tear families apart

Some people will choose those "important" people
And leave daughters
And sons
To leave
To get out of there because they can't stand the thought
Of their parents getting left again

Some people defend the "important" people
They say things like
"They've changed"
"It won't happen again"
"I would never choose them over you"
But they haven't
And it will
And they would.

Some people don't realize the seriousness of situations
They will try to make a joke when someone is crying
They will say that it isn't as bad as if a friend or family member died
But what if it is?

Some people need to realize that family anf friends are important
And should be prioritized over most other things

I wrote this a few months ago, then found it and finished/edited it for my English class. Here's what I originally had as the footnotes:

*No pun intended
So the part about the "important" people isn't about me. It's about my friend Alysa. She is going to court to have her father get full custody. She isn't speaking to her mom. Her mom has cheated on a lot of people:
Her dad with Amy
Amy with Tara
Tara with Alex
Alex with Tara again
And now Tara has moved back in with them

Message to Readers

Just finished this during Algebra I, Mr Moschini didn't care. Hope my English teacher likes it!

Peer Review

This piece is like a wake up call, everyone should read it because I was moved to my core.

I think they should delve deeper just a tiny bit, overall it is a very deep piece.

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