Marcel Kolano

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Just Like That

October 11, 2018

Marcel Kolano                    Personal story narrative
Period 1
Have you ever had to overcome something that you never thought you would be able to? 
    When I was a little kid in school I always seemed to struggle with paying attention to the teacher and other kids. This was because of my ADD. ADD stands for attention deficit disorder. This means that I can have trouble concentrating in class and with other people sometimes. I don't know why it happens but it's not a life-threatening condition so I can live with it for the rest of my life until it either grows out of me or I just die with it! Anyway, I've been managing with it ever since. But I really got a hold of myself and really pushed myself to deal with and manage my ADD without medication, in the 7th grade I was put on “drugs” these drugs would help me concentrate and help me in school. But that wasn't the case, at least for me. When I was on my medication I felt more “jittery” and less concentrated. But the worst part would be the withdraw. After the day would end I would be so tired and exhausted that I would be able to just sleep on the ground. After all of that, I got my parents to take me off my medication I started to teach myself to deal with it. It was long and annoying but I got through it. 
I would say that my biggest change would have been in 8th grade. In the grade I completely changed the way I acted towards people, I was also able to manage with my ADD and concentrate better in school. This was a dramatic change because I've never really been like that and a lot of people including teachers noticed. Middle school past and high school came along. In high school, I was able to fully concentrate with no problems. I would say that the transition from eighth grade to ninth grade was another major change. It was hard transitioning into high school because I was going into a school where I did not know anybody. I went to this school because it was the closest high school I lived too. I lost a lot of my old friends which sucked. But I think that all of my closest friends came along with me to the high school I was going to so that really helped. Now it's sophomore year and I have been able to manage my AD ever since. I feel very accomplished to what I've done and I think that I would consider it one of my biggest achievements that I have ever accomplished. In conclusion, I've been able to manage my ADD medicine free for the last 13 years or I don't know how long but you get the point. This journey really helped me learn the values of persevering through a problem and overcoming it. Experiences like these help teach the values of caring and being thankful for what you have. Because not everyone has a perfect life, and not everyone can concentrate and sit still in a  classroom. So these experiences make you value life and help you make use of what you are able to do. Nowadays people don't even notice that I have ADD until I tell them, and they're always like “Oh my godi never knew!” This shows how far I have come with dealing with my ADD. 


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