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Abi Pinner

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what, You egg?
[stabs him.]

Message to Readers

Please be kind with my sub-par rhyme sceme

Sounds Assail Me

October 11, 2018

The sharp snap, another crack as
I tumble through lifes brick-a-brack. 
Piles of memory 
Miles a-reaching- breaching thoughts. 
Every echo a one, a two 
three; times along the corrador of time. 
Booming loudness, fading as memorys do. 
This is the rhyme i find 
it occupies my mind; a din
you could say. 
It wails long past bedtime 
raising with a scream, 
as morning light does stream. 

I clamour for relife, 
but lifes twisted feet keep carrying me. 
These sounds assail me, 
take me blind and leave a frail me. 

Oh this deafenning assult!

Thank you- Oodgeroo Noonuccal
Also this is my first peice in about a year- so sorry about that! 


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