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Is there any cause worth dying for?

October 11, 2018

3rd - 11th November 2013, 6,340 lives were lost to Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded. Now most of us would be deeply saddened to hear this news. After all, these were innocent lives lost. However, what if I told you that there were actually people, who purposely went into the storms, knowing full well what happens when nature turns ugly? Yup, that's right, the storm chasers. These are the people who would gladly lose their lives for science. Now that brings me to the question, is there any cause worth dying for?

Hi, my name is Kiera and today I'll be sharing with you six causes worth dying for. Firstly, what is cause? It is defined as a person that gives rise to an action or movement to which one is committed and one is prepared to defend or advocate. Just like the storm chasers, they believed that chasing storms is worth dying for, therefore they risk their lives for it. Some of us might think it is foolish, but have you ever wondered? Without them, will we know how cyclones work? Will even know when a tropical storm is approaching? There would be no warning as we watch nature swept our houses away, well, that is if we even survive. Thus, without storm chasers more lives would be lost.

 Moving on, I bet many of you guys own an iPhone or at least heard of it. Now, who do we have to thank for this wonderful creation? Dying for a passion may seem crazy but think about it, Steve Jobs dedicated his life for his cause - to constantly improve and innovate on Apple. He was so passionate about his work that during his last stages of pancreatic cancer, he continued going to work, which can be seen as an attempt to die for his cause. In fact, in his speeches, he always said that he is willing to die for what he is passionate about which is creating better products for his company. His passion and zeal allowed Apple to be what it is today, a well-known multi-billion technology company. If he did not think of passion as something to die for, we might not have the foundation of iPhones, Macbooks and just those things that became part of us.

 Next, dying for what you believe in a cause worth dying for. Have you ever heard about activists? They are people who campaign to bring about political or social change. They are just ordinary people like us, except they dare to voice out their opinions. They are the reasons why there was an end to slavery, why females have education and many other. An example is Malala. Despite her young age, she believed strongly in women’s right to education. She gave speeches, did interviews to shine light on how Pakistan women should be allowed to study which resulted in her getting shot in the head at 15. Miraculously, she survived and continued supporting her cause. Imagine if we did not have people like Malala who dared to speak up. More girls in other parts of the world might still be illiterate and not know how to spell their names! Therefore, I think dying for what you believe in is a cause worth dying for.

  Before I move on to the next point, have you heard of the man that rescued 669 children? That was Sir Nicholas Winton. When he heard of the Nazi Holocaust, he dropped everything to go to Prague to save the children from concentration camps and even organised foster families for all refugee children. He knew the consequences should his rescue operation were to fail  --- certain death --- but still he followed through anyways. Why? Because of humanity. Sir Winton felt the urge to save these children even though it did not concern him in any way. Due to his compassion, these children are given a new chance at life and sort of owe their existence to him. This is humanity.

  Another cause worth dying for is dying for the greater good. If you could could use your life to save hundreds, would you? A man from Iraq had become a hero after he saved hundreds of lives by hugging the suicide bomber right before he detonated the explosives. Now, Mr Najih could have decided, “hey, he has explosives! I better run away!” and save himself but no, he decided to intervene and died in the process. Although 37 people were killed, if not for his sacrifice, hundreds more could have died. Using your life to save others, even though it may or may not benefit you, is a cause that I strongly believe is worth dying for.

  Lastly, your faith is worth dying for. I’m a Christian, so I’ll just touch on the Christian side as I'm not sure about the other religions :) There are millions of missionaries all over the world who sacrificed themselves to reach out to others. The travel to anti-Christian countries just to preach the gospel to others knowing full well that once they get caught, it is over. Because of them, millions of people came to know about God and accepted him as their personal saviour. They risk their lives for their faith, to get other people saved and I think that is honourable.

There are many other causes worth dying for, but due to time I’ll stop here. Dying usually has a negative connotation to it but what if your life could be used for the greater good? What if you could bring about change in the world, or just use your life to save many if you were willing to die for that cause? Steve Jobs, Malala, Sir Nicholas Winton are just examples of people who put their lives on the line for a cause they believe in. You could be one of them too if you just had a cause you believe is worth dying for. Thank you.


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