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sweet mother, i cannot weave. slender aphrodite has overcome me with longing for that girl - sappho
there's a fire on my floor telling me to sleep some more, cry a little louder if you know what this means - cavetown
the three seasons are gay, halloween, and snow - me

Life, Death, Death, Life | #beautifuldaywithadarkside

October 10, 2018


it was a perfect day in May, beautiful as could be
but that was also the day that I died
a beautiful death that set me free
I remember singing that song
as I painted that picture on that wall
I used as a brush, a broken bone
and blood was my ink of choice
how sweet was the sound of breaking glass
that I carried on my voice
I remember the light that stole
that canvas straight from me
light gave life to death
and I died a death that set me free


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