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Faisa Mohamed

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Beasts Of NO Nation

January 15, 2016

Faisa Mohamed
ELA 10 ~Period 5
January 12, 2016
                                                                               Beasts Of No Nation
Beasts Of No Nation is an amazing Drama/film war that I have watched on netflix. Idris Elba and Abraham Attah are interesting notable actors. Attah is a leading role for a child soldier fighting in a war and Elba plays as his Commandment. The film opens up with Agu (Attah) telling us about his peaceful life and family and then it starts to shift over into a something way different. A revolution breaks out in their west african country and now this family is forced out of comfort. They are attacked and soldiers start to go around the streets killing and hurting everyone they see. Everyone is running for their lives and Agu luckily escapes and runs off far into the jungle. He spends days and days trying to survive alone, not knowing where he is going or what his next move will be. He also has nothing. Agu is forced to grow up quickly and miss out on his childhood and instantly become more mature and take care of himself. As he continues to hardly survive, Agu runs into a group of men and a few boys his age who are also fighting for power. When they find him, Agu is threatened by this group and he has no option but to join them or they will kill him. This group is lead by their interesting commandment (Elba). He protects them and leads them on and tells them exactly what to do. These soldiers/men respect and obey commandment because they believe that he is only taking care of them and doing them a favor. Commandment is a very harsh and he becomes more strident in the film. He is very direct and he is basically the boss of everything. He teaches the soldiers how to murder, steal, and do anything to keep them going. They became beasts and they took over. The performance overall in this film was amazing. There were a lot of emotions shown throughout the film. Although It did have a lot of foul language and scary scenes the film still looked fantastic. What made the film so gripping is the fact that it made me want to watch more and it made me feel like I was in the film. I wanted to know everything and what came next. It definitely held my attention and not once was I not interested it in. I recommend for everyone to watch this film because it shows things that would happen in real life and it has you thinking. I believe that this film will teach everyone a lesson and show them that life isn't always sweet and there are difficult situations that people must fight through in order for them to survive. This film would also be great for anyone who loves to watch anyone’s life experience and things that would realistically happen  or anyone who can watch brutal violence in a film.


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