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Adam Wertheimer

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Monsters Inc. Movie Review

January 15, 2016


Adam Wertheimer
Mr. Doreian
ELA 10
Period: 5
Movie Review on Monsters Inc.

    The movie starts out by showing the monsters entering the human world through a closet door of a child’s room, and them scare the children to obtain energy from  the children’s scream to power the monster world. James P. (Sulley) Sullivan, a big blue bear like monster with purple polka dots and horns, being the top scarer and his best friend and helper, Mike Wazowski a green ball with horns and one eye with  legs and arms, are competing against cynical Randall Boggs, a purple salamander then can camouflage into anything.The monsters compete to be the stop scarer and also meet the quota of the week to help the low amounts of scream. They're boss, Henry J. Waternoose, a crab like monster, talks to Sulley about the low amounts of scream and how the children are not as afraid as they use too. Later, Mike is harshly reminded by Roz, a slug a secretary at Monsters inc. scream factory, that he hasn't filed any of his paperwork, of course this land on the day he needs to leave early for a date with the other secretary ,Celia monster almost like Medusa with snakes for hair. So, Mike asks if Sulley can complete his paperwork to go on his date. Sulley does so but in the process walks in on Randall trying snooping around doing questionable things with his doors. While Randall leaves a little girl’s comes from the door, Boo , a human named Boo after always saying “boo”. Mike and Sulley go home and try to figure out how to get boo back they go through many obstacles and conflicts including Randall and his sidekick as well as Mr. Waternoose all this leading up to the climax and the resolution of the movie.
    The plot of the movie shows a how opposites can really get along and how to deal with the “monsters” of the world who are against them and have no respect in any way for them. This can relate a lot to discrimination and how they think humans are infected and are just a source of energy, and  further back in time when they're were slaves, that's how slaves were looked at, only as ways to get things done. The slaves work, is the energy generated from the screams of children. However, I don't think that was the only reason for the movie,  but to also help children get over their fears in general, not just of monsters hiding under their bed.
    I would definitely recommend this movie because the caring sides of the monsters who you would suspect to not be so caring, as well as the humor that courses through the movie, and the reassuring fact at then where justice is served. A distinct memory I have from the movie was when I first got it, I  remember getting the VHS copy of the movie for my 4th birthday,and being so surprised and delighted to get it. Now seeing  pictures of my reaction opening the gift it amuses me to see how much something little meant to me. My face went from a neutral look, to smiling from ear to ear and jumping up and down. In the end this is my recommendation to see this movie because what joy it brought me and hopefully bring you.


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