Here again

January 15, 2016



Dec. 26 (22:30)

You called me again,
Wishing to meet.
As the human I am,
I did as you pleased.

You cancelled the date
Ten minutes to four,
But we both knew
That it had happened before.

We settled the time
Three weeks in advance 
And this time you showed 
Exactly as planned.

We went to the woods 
All humble and quite 
And all that I said 
Was stupid or vile.

You teased me to death,
So I was mean and aloof,
There showing no interest 
To ever ever aprove.

I think I despise you,
I don't even like you.
I want to avoid meeting your eyes,
But there you are staring 
Directly in mine.

As quickly as I could,
I glanced to the side,
You told me to stay
But (in that moment I turned and) then walked away.


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1 Comment
  • FantasyWriter

    i like the tension and the rhyme its not like you didn't have anytime to see that you got a follower you see and that is me oh glee

    almost 3 years ago