Peer Review by Aarushikrishnan (United States)

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By: Carpizza


When I'm low I don't feel it,
Like an Autumn leaf,
I don't feel myself drifting down,
By the time I've brushed against the concert or glide through a puddle,
I've adjusted,

    How do you describe not feeling here?
        Relapsing into nothing,
                                                                                                                                            becoming space,
while the world locks into place.
As the final leaf of the year falls.

Peer Review

I love the way you equated autumn to your emotions, and the underlying imagery was so pretty!

I think it would be really interesting if you made more poems equating other seasons, and made an entire series. I would love reading that!

Reviewer Comments

This was wonderful writing, it captures you in a way you almost wouldn't expect. I'll be looking forwards to more of your pieces!