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The Final Days

February 10, 2016

    It's the last day on earth, very stereotypical. A catastrophic natural disaster in ripping apart the fragile fabric we call humanity. I sit here, in my room, pondering what life really means. People are praying to God, hardcore atheists have turned a new leaf, when in trouble, the most devoted people turn hypocritical. So what will I do? This question has been asked for ages, "what would you do on the last day on earth?". The most cliche answer is to tell your loved ones that you love them, but I'm not sure that is the path I will travel upon. My loved ones know I love them, I've been telling them for years, why is today any more sincere? I'm fourteen years old, I haven't even lived my life. There were so many things I longed to do, I was going to travel, I wanted to experience new things, and now that privilege has been ripped away from my grasp. The universe is playing a cruel trick to our expense, as if to take candy from a baby, and mocking us, repeating the satanic words, "where is your God now?" Where is God? I've always been Christian, I guess that means nothing now, so here I sit, staring at my wall while complete anarchy breaks out in what used to be a well balanced society, managed by a corrupt government, that has now fallen to a force of earth shattering proportions. My mind wonders off topic, but I soon focus in on my shortened life, and what will I do on my final hours alive? I get up, and quickly scramble down my stairs. I enjoy simple things in life, so I proceed to do that very thing. Where is everyone? It kind of offends me no one is here, shouldn't they be crying over the fact we"ll all be dead within hours? As much as I would love to act like it doesn't bother me, it does, very much so actually. The fabric of existence will be swiped away from us like a tablecloth during a poorly done magic trick. Or like a band-aid, precious life will be over in one swift motion. I make a bowl of Krave Cereal and turn on my xbox, stupid right? I'm playing a video game while a living hell rampages outside my house. The world is over, the human race was ignorant, we thought we would last forever into eternity, but we didn't. We were easily snuffed out like a cheap candle. You know what? I'm lying. I'm on the verge of a breakdown, the world is ending and I have no one to spend my final moments with! I could die any second and I won't ever see anyone agai-


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