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Charles' New Year

January 15, 2016

    As of today I have had a disease called siriasis for about six or seven years. It's so horrible because it causes the skin on my feet to be very sensitive to water and chlorine. I often get made fun of because of the desease. The disease also stops all of my nails from growing. My feet are full of cuts and dead skin that doesn't really heal no matter what my mother, doctor, and I do. I have gone to the dermotologist way too many times now and I have been going for over a year. They have given me a large quantity of medicines that are supposed to help me. In reality only two of them work. One is a lotion that keeps my elbows from going dry and it keeps my fingers looking normal. The other is a shampoo that atempts to stop my insane dandruff that is caused by the disease. Out of those two medicines, neither of them help my feet. The disease has also caused me to lose a toenail. My mother and I so badly wanted to find a cure or something that could help it. So one day she went online researching and found something that could help it. It's called epsom salt. I put some of it into some warm water and soak my feet in it forthirty minutes. I've been doing this process for about five months now. It starts to heal and take off the dead skin but it also creates many new cuts. There is a medication called liquid bandaid that seals the cuts. It costs a ton of money that my mother doesn't have. We went to my dermotologist after the four months of using it amd we brought up that we were using epsom salt. She didn't know what epsom salt was sho then she looked it up. The doctor said to continue with the epsom salt but to also use ointments. Those made it worse so I decided to completely stop using them. My New Year's Resolution for 2016 is to overcome the disease. I believe I can do it because if my dermol=tologist didm't even know what epsom salt was then I may have a chance to find the cure. Siriasis is supposely uncurable. I will not stop trying until I cure my disease. I believe, do you? 


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