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A Quick (surprisingly optimistic) Quip

October 7, 2018


Zephyrus, I thought all lips stung a little
But, honey, you’re not the bee
And I ain’t all split knuckles, whiff-o-gasoline, and a hash pipe
But I sure do my best to keep my hands chaffed
Tell you a secret:
Last night that soft wind told me to moisturize
And, thank Jove, I did!
Cause your hand fits just right (in my hand, of course)
It wasn’t all black-lace, passion, and chewing tobacco, either
Nope! But I’m still buzzing a happy tune
I dunno, even bumble bees still can sting (leave it to me to get myself stung) but this innocence is safe (for however long I can play the game)


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  • megzegzoo

    WWWWW This is so good??????????

    over 2 years ago