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Message to Readers

I'd like to hear if you think the poem improved in the second version. Thanks!

The Elements

October 9, 2018

He traces in ashes.
Cold, breath-frost dancing, alone, 
His footprints make marks in the pure snow.

He dances in fire.
Free, glow-lines tracing, exultant,
His hands rip rents in the dark smoke.
He piles the wood.
Strong, muscle-cords pulling, expectant,
His grin puts pain in his cheeks.

He maps the currents.
Intent, thought-gears clicking, diligent,
His will pushes paths in the sea.

He rides the waves.
Shouting, adrenaline-cry swelling, alive,
His joy laces laughter in the tides.

He builds his bark.
Thirsty, work-song lilting, sweaty,
His hammer hunts in the hull.

She tosses the waves.
Laughing, wind-cheeks dimpling, playful,
Her fancies flow in the air.

She drives the storm.
Fierce, hail-spear holding, screaming,
Her rage roils in the thunderheads.

She marshals the clouds.
Attentive, breeze-crook wielding, peaceful,
Her royalty reflects in the river.

She cradles the coals.
Warm, mother-arms rocking, gentle,
Her smiles smoulder in the winter.

She feeds the furnace.
Plentiful, life-fuels heaping, queenly,
Her royalty rises in the summer.

She blankets the ashes.
Merciful, leaf-graves covering, forgetful,
Her graciousness grows in the spring.


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1 Comment
  • Silver Pen

    Just thought I'd explain quick why I redid this. I was using my own original format to construct this poem, and while the first version didn't follow it very well, the poetry for Aer and Terra was just too good to lose! Let me know what you think! Did I make the right decision?! God bless, peoples!

    almost 3 years ago