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The Elements

October 9, 2018

He traces in ashes.
Cold, breath-frost dancing, alone, 
His footprints make marks in the pure snow.

He dances in fire.
Free, glow-lines tracing, exultant,
His hands rip rents in the dark smoke.
He piles the wood.
Strong, muscle-cords pulling, expectant,
 His grin puts pain in his cheeks.

He maps the currents.
Intent, thought-gears clicking, diligent,
His will pushes paths in the sea.

He rides the waves.
Shouting, adrenaline-cry swelling, alive,
His joy laces laughter in the tides.

He builds his bark.
Thirsty, work-song lilting, sweaty,
His hammer hunts in the hull.

She swaddles the world.
Humming, mother-heart bursting, soft,
Her blanket blows in all life.

She weaves the clouds.
silent, breath-fingers searching, adroit,
Her mantle murmurs in the trees.

She threads the wind.
Singing, gust-scissors snipping, happy,
Her work whispers in the wilds.

She gathers the stubble.
Sleepy, life-fuels exhausted, languid,
Her regeneration rests in the quiet.

She gives the harvest.
Smiling, earth-presents heaping, plentiful,
Her royalty rattles in the silos.

She awakens the greenery.
Frisky, bud-eyes blinking, expectant,
Her happiness hums in our hearts.
We now know that there are more than four elements.  But the four elements of Greek lore make good subject matter for poetry!


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