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The Departed: Your New Favorite Movie

January 14, 2016

Film Review
The Departed
ELA Mr. Doreian
Christopher Iturralde
    The Departed: Your New Favorite Movie
    The Departed is without a doubt a classic must see movie, shining a light on the corruption of the Boston Police Force adapted Internal Affairs(2002). The crime/drama film sets the bar for a new generation of crime/drama movies. Director Martin Scorsese does an amazing job capturing the true essence of Boston, and using an all-star cast, many of which were Boston natives(Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg) in order to embrace and adapt to life in Boston and nail the Boston accent. The movie takes place in historic South Boston, and director Martin Scorsese starts the movie off by showing the audience the moment Colin Sullivan, played by Matt Damon, meets Frank Costello, played by Jack Nicholson. Frank Costello, the Irish mob leader, befriends Colin Sullivan and brings him into the mob, and Martin does an excellent job showing the time lapse from then and now and showing how Colin learned several things from Frank and the mob and showing how Colin matured and entered the police force and becomes a mole for the mob. A little later in the movie we are introduced to Billy Costigan, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who is hired by Sergeant Dignam, played by Mark Wahlberg, and goes undercover to infiltrate the Irish mob as a rat for the police. After both the mob and the police find out there is rat/mole in their organization, everyone stays on alert, as both Colin Sullivan and Billy Costigan must figure out each other's identity before the other does. The race to find out each other's identity creates a tension that is unexplainable. Director Martin Scorsese also cleverly switches back and forth from Billy to Colin, in order to show how each one got closer and closer to finding the rat, ultimately leading the climax, the moment Colin and Billy find out each others identify and finally meet face to face. The tension throughout the entire movie is so thick you can cut the tension with a knife. The entire movie is filled with suspense and leaves the audience at the edge of their seats guessing what will happen next, only to shock the audience with something unpredictable. The audience expects one thing to happen and something no one expected happens, for example the moment Colin killed Frank to avoid getting caught as the mole. Everything begins to look good for Colin. Director Martin Scorsese sets a calming mood, only to shock the audience as Colin enters his home with groceries only for Sergeant Dignam to make one last appearance and shoot Colin in the head. Not only is it extremely suspenseful but the director uses brutal honesty about the corruption of the police force and the dirty work the Irish mob did. The Departed surpasses the expectations of what a crime/drama movie should be and sets the bar for future movies to come. Both crime and drama fanatics will be pleased with The Departed and as far as movies go, all film critics would agree The Departed is a must see movie.


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