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Jurassic Wow?

January 14, 2016

Dinosaurs have always enthralled us throughout our childhood, of Tyrannosaurus rexs roaring and triceratops roaming through the fields. The series of Jurassic Park have given us an idea of the horrors yet the thrill we lust for. Now we’re introduced to a new phenomenon, and that is Jurassic World. It came like a velociraptor with hunting instincts on, rushing to the prey it seeks. It sneaked silently and went in with a bang. When the trailers of Jurassic World was first released to the public, everyone was raving to see it, it hyped us all just to see this new thing that was coming to Jurassic World. It gave us a sequel to Jurassic Park showing us what happened afterwards, and we went crazy just to see it.The actors emotions and actions hooked us into the movie, how the camera position itself, and the shaking and running, the adrenaline. All those factors including the actors made us feel like we were actually there in the scene, like we were actually at the brink of death, as the Indominus Rex footsteps shakes the ground coming near at us. All the actors gave full effort in expressing the moment of feelings during the scene, serious, scared, frightened, anxious, it all came to us like reality hit us in the face. Actors like Chris Pratt gave us the sort of feelings that made us feel like we’re actually living the moment, every single frame of the movie quickly past by, it made us cringe to our chair tighter, everyone knowing there is going to be a drastic jump up of a dinosaur attack and blood and gore ready to be displayed, but everyone could not close their eyes, it was just too exciting, it made our heart race faster and faster, making us anxious of what is going to happen next. Jurassic World starts off with a cinematic view of the new luxurious resort off the coast of Costa Rica known as Jurassic World where it housed genetically engineered and modified dinosaurs, the scientist there made a new creature so powerful yet intelligent and they have high hopes that it is going to make the visiting crowd go bonkers just to see it. They created the Indominus Rex, an intelligent dinosaur that is a combination of a T. Rex, Abelisaurs, Carnotaurus, Majungasaurus, Rugops, Giganotosaurus, and many other dinosaurs genetically inputted into the Indominus Rex. The plot continues to introduce us to two brothers who are the nephews of the woman who runs Jurassic World. They got invited there for the summer to have an experience. And as they went, things began to turn south, as the Indominus Rex broke out of its containment and went on a killing spree, chaos evoked the resort, many lives were taken and many other carnivorous dinosaurs were released and into the frenzy. The staffs began to try and fight off the dangers as one by one falling down, finally Chris Pratt and the boys and their aunt went on and faced the Indominus Rex with a gang of Raptors they couldn’t do much but distract it and hurt, and a unsuspected rival came, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The T. Rex battled with the Indominus Rex, but the Indominus came out undefeated, as it stood near the Mosasaurus aquarium tank, and out of a split second, the mosasaurus jumped out and grabbed the Indominus Rex’s with its jaw and dragged it down into the waters. Everything finally settled down and people began to evacuating and at the final scene the magnificent Tyrannosaurus Rex had reclaimed its dominance in the Jurassic world as it gave a final roar on top of a watch building. The actors and the scenes and the effects are fantastic, but the plot itself, wasn’t that any special, it was like all the other Jurassic series plot. A family goes to the island, something bad happens and a main antagonist dinosaur goes on a killing spree, at the end they either kill it, or trapped it the family got off the island. But in Jurassic World even though the plot was sort of the same, things were quite different, like velociraptor actually working with people to take down the Indominus Rex. Dinosaurs that are not even made real, and are genetically modified and everything just seems really high tech from the other series. The cast are different, and the story and their reason of being there is also different. Everything in Jurassic World basically filled the void as to what happen to Jurassic Park as it hints certain parts of Jurassic Park. Overall Jurassic World is an amazing movie, it was breathtaking and it gets you so hyped even at the end of the movie and it made you feel tense. This movie made you go through an Epic like Odysseus and his great adventures home. I would rate this movie a 5 out of 5 stars, and recommend that if you haven’t watched this movie yet, you’re missing out. Go watch it now, if you haven’t!
Teacher: Ian Doreian
School: John D Obryant High School
Grade: 10th


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