My name is Talise and I write to express myself. I believe that everyone should have a voice even someone like me who is just 13. Please do not judge me by my age as that would be highly primitive and extremely rude:)

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If you haven't already please go and check out the other parts; Silence is laughing part 1, 2 and 3.

Silence is laughing part 4

October 5, 2018


"That was quite a fall," the nurse bandaging me seems to have noticed that I have come to " Why being connected up to all those machines, I'm surprised your alive considering your previous condition"
"What was my previous condition?" I manage to utter trying to sit up "You mustn't try anything like that again, lie back down Ms Athreal, your not doing anything but causing harm" said the nurse in her pale blue uniform completely avoiding Skye's question. Another nurse wearing a similar but darker uniform popped her head through the gap in the curtains
"Dr Lial will see you now Ms Athreal, Gabrielle" she said gesturing to her colleague "You are needed in the C ward immediately" "What now!?" sighed the nurse exhausted "It's Mr Valantelo" said the nurse with the darker uniform retreating back into the buzz of the hospitals corridors "Not again!" Murmured Gabrielle, still bandaging my ankle "Well I must be going Ms Athreal but I should see you soon, promise me you won't get out of that bed in this condition" she looked at me pointedly "What condition!!" I try to scream muffled slightly by my faint voice. Gabrielle turns on her heel disappearing into the crowded hall as the previous nurse did.   


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  • _TJNR@cheshire_

    Thank you @Luna Lemon. The review hasn't quite come out yet but I look forward to reading it!

    over 1 year ago
  • Luna Lemon

    Just finished my review of this piece! Took awhile to get all my feelings about this piece out especially since this story is so mysterious/intriguing. More in depth thoughts coming soon whenever the review is shared! Great job:)

    over 1 year ago