these are my letters
to myself.

Message from Writer

sometimes i think i shape the words.
sometimes i think they shape me.

journey of the wet things

October 5, 2018

PROMPT: Water Drop


it drops
and drizzles
down my cheeks.
an emotional riptide,

sweeping me from the sea.

it is invisible in the desert air,
dancing amongst the dust,
running in red rivulets,
spilling from veins,

casting me free.

it burns white on the banks of clouds,
freezing to fingertips, but making
my heart blister to ash. it buries
the living things, letting them
chill and petrify in its frigid grip.
a kiss of winter, running wild on

the wind.

and sticky
with heat, a
shade of honey
mixed with rust, it
spills from the deepest
ocean trenches, hissing at
the kisses seafoam washes to

it's island lips.

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  • Johanna

    This is incredible...

    over 1 year ago
  • rainandsonder

    Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous. I love your use of figurative language.

    over 1 year ago