I love draw and listen, I don't like to write but I love to tell. This is my hell.

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Just be you, don't stop to walk on your path until the death comes invite you to the party.

Don't Change

October 7, 2018

Some people are blue, some are red, or green, or yellow, pink, and when we are put together then it become rainbow. It's beautiful to be different, it's fun to give and accept colours. Life is not only black and white, we are all in one. We are all in a package called humanity. 

Do accept me, I don't want and never will change for anybody. This is me, I love to draw, I love to write stories, maybe not as beautiful as life and not as bitter as dead. But what I draw and write is not a foolish lie. This is me, I love to have good people in my circle. This is me, would you like to be coloured by me? Because I would love to.

When I colour or coloured I'm not changing. You and me just give flavor to the dishes. It become nice and delicious. Tasty taste like a garbage in a bin. Tasty is fit and we fit differently, I fit in a cup you fit in a bowl. We are like water sometimes, but some are hard like a stone, some are smooth like the foam, some just can't be described or tell. Just the way we are, we being like we are. Let the colours paints you, dont forget we do have eraser to pick the right colour and erase the wrong one. Because pink doesnt fit to colour rain, but how rain become blue? Ask the wind and cloud and sun. 

This is me, you are you, he is he, she is she, we are different, but we can make a beautiful rainbow and paint and make our dreams come true. To seek the lie of living happily ever after.

How about you? Don't you think that you are special? Remember when your parents teach you how to speak "Mom" and "Dad", then now you can make a speech to the world. We are never change, we develop ourself to be more and more sophisticated. We change of how we live, how we speak, how we dress, but we never really change ourself. This is just us. This is just you and me, trying to live and make the world better, at least don't make the world worst. 

"Mom why there is still war in this world? I think the wold have live in peace, why mom?"

"Because people never change honey, we are all just the same people from the start. We are greedy and bad and all. But honey, we can't make change even if we can. Because we are human and thats human traits. We are just....human."

"I don't understand Mom, what do you mean we are just the same? Mom we are good we aren't greedy and bad. We are good people Mom. Also now we can use phone, fly overseas, going through space, making robots, all becamd mu mush easier now than it used too."

"Yes, you are right. All what you say is the fact. But do you feel happy and helped? Or all make it worse and complicated. See once I am happy to play and have conversation with my friend. Real, me meet and talk, doing things. How about you now honey? What you do? Typing? Exchange emoticon? Watching movies, animes, memes? Is that makes you happy? The crimes used to stealing, kidnapping, violent....Now we know cyber crime, hackers, haters that kills people through their words. All need to be perfect now, while we are just imperfect, and thats what makes us be a perfect humankind. So honey we are bad and good put together, we are complicated. Don't pretend to be good or even bad. You are both, never one sided. Don't change for others, just be you honey."

"I see, the rabbit is jumping to the park Mom! I need to catch it before it goes to far!!"

"Be carefull!"

She goes back to her Mom, crying, 
"Mom, the rabbit crashed by the car...."

"Thats life honey, complicated and unexpected"

I'm honest, truthfull, do accept me or leave me alone.
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  • Quille

    This is beautiful :))) I love the last lines... so powerfully constructed! :D

    10 months ago