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I understand that this is a really controversial topic for a lot of people here and I apologize if I offended anyone. I almost didn't publish it because I wasn't sure how people would respond. I consider myself an atheist, different to many others. But I figured as long as other people can write religious pieces, I can write about my own views. I can't keep my writing bottled, you know? So I hope you can hear me out and be respectful and we can both know that we're living the truth.

god: the choice

October 7, 2018


from the beginning of time we had so much hate and so much faith
and we didn't know what to do with it all
and we stored our faith in the faintest of beings
and we let love leak out

standing here, centuries later
and faced with that same choice
do as they did, love something so much you'd die if you had to--
the prospect always scared me

how do you love one thing
that much
without a doubt
without reason

and i said no.  i wouldn't.

it was built on a lie
a lie to me alone, maybe
so how do we know
what truth is
when our foundational beliefs
are built on different truths
and on different lies

i know i'm right
they know i'm wrong
as long as we're here, there is no answer

but i see groups of worshippers
and i always wonder to myself
did i make the right choice

and i always think
if i could love one thing
that much
without a doubt
without reason
and i can't

and it scares me

but i'll always wonder
and i'll never know
how they can



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  • paperbird

    But see, there's no real proof for that. How do we know that Jesus is different from Greek Mythology? Greeks said Zeus made people out of clay and Greeks believed it. Nowadays Christians say Jesus is supernatural and can walk on water and Christians believe it. Where's the distinction?

    over 2 years ago
  • _________

    While I agree with you that it doesn't make sense to believe in Greek mythology anymore, it says in the Bible that God made man from the dust of the earth, which would be the basis for the Greek myth. Also, because Jesus is supernatural and has power over everything in the earth and out of it, he has the power to walk on water.

    over 2 years ago
  • paperbird

    Depends on the religion, but generally I'd say science gets in my way for me. No one believes in Greek mythology anymore because we know that it scientifically doesn't make sense for Zeus to create humans out of clay. I don't know, I just can't believe that there's a heaven, or that Jesus walked on water. I completely respect people that do, but I personally can't see it.
    Thanks for reading my piece!

    over 2 years ago
  • _________

    I totally respect your viewpoint, but I just wanted to ask you if you think there could ever be real proof that God doesn't exist? Not meant to be offensive, I just want to know what you think. :)

    over 2 years ago
  • paperbird

    I don't know. Some lodge in my brain just can't let me believe in a God. Maybe it's ignorance, maybe it's logic.
    Thanks for reading!

    over 2 years ago
  • Made4Love

    I am passionately Catholic, and I'm not offended in any way by your piece. I mean no disrespect when I ask "Why?" You seem more uncertain about Him than sure He doesn't exist. I understand if you'd rather not say; I was simply curious.
    Your poem is very good. And I agree that despite such different views, we should never hesitate to write about them. I also believe that we can all live our truths and still get along well together. Thanks for writing!

    over 2 years ago