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Here you go, StripedFly! This was fun!


October 5, 2018


1. What line from a TV show/movie/book has stuck with you and why? 
There's a lot of them, so I really can't answer this, XD!

2. Which fandom can you talk and theorize over for hours? If you don't have a fandom, why not? 
The Marvel Cinematic Universe or Sherlock!! Love 'em both too much!

3. Who's your favorite singer, and what's your favorite album by them? If you don't have a favorite singer, why not? 
Top 2 favorites are Adele and All Sons and Daughters. Favorite Adele album is 19 (her first and absolute best! Listen to it sometime. :D), and favorite All Sons and Daughters song (not sure about a fave album haha.) is You Have Called Me Higher.

4. Best kind of pizza? If you don't like pizza, why not? 
CHEEEEESE!!! Or Hawaiian!!

5. Favorite color? Why is this your favorite color? 
Gold! I love bright colors.

6. Do you like a certain boy band? If not, why not? 
Never! Because *baaaarf* XD Sorry to you lovers out there!

7. Which book has stuck with you and why? 
My all-time favorite book ever is The Giver. I don't have a reason other that it is an amazing book and everyone should read it! :D 

8. What's your favorite book series? 
Right now my favorite is The Missing or Shadow Children, both by Margaret Peterson Haddix!

9. Are you an introvert or an extrovert (or are you in-between)? 
I am scientifically classified as an "ambivert", a combination of the two. I like to be in the spotlight (but not on my own) and I need alone time, but also enjoy being with other people a lot!

10. Do you read comic books? 

11. Marvel or D.C.? Or neither? 
Marvel movies without a doubt, but when it comes to TV shows, I'm DC all the way. I watch the DC shows from the CW channel on Netflix with my siblings. We've finished half so far! :D

12. Who's your favorite superhero? 
Oh, this question is too hard, haha! I would probably have to say anyone from the Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange (on the Marvel side) and (on the DC side) MIck Rory (because hahahahaha) and the Flash.

13. Which fictional character do you find the hottest? 
I don't know if I should answer this in case my siblings see it XD! Maybe later.

14. Are you into Voltron? 
Well, considering I don't really know what this is, I guess not?

15.  Cats or dogs? And explain why.
They can't be chosen between!!

16. What's your favorite day of the week? 
The entire weekend, plus Friday!! Fridays are movie nights for us, so we get to eat some form of sugar and watch movies until we're falling asleep, haha. Saturdays consist of coffee (woot!) and laziness, while Sundays are church and sometimes lunch and visiting family members!

17. What's your favorite kind of international food? 
Crab rangoon (though I'm not sure these are actually Chinese, haha), soft-shell tacos and mexican white cheese (Mexican), macarons (ehr ma gerd, France), and Swiss chocolate!

18. Best kind of fruit? If you don't like fruit, then why not? 
Juicy stuff, like peaches and strawberries!

19. Do you eat your veggies? Do you like them? if not, explain why 
Well, I kind of have to, sooo...Hahaha! I like some of them, but not most of them.

20. What's the longest book you've ever read? 
Gone With the Wind, 959 pages! It took me three weeks (and a day) to finish!

21. What's the hardest book you've ever read? 
Well, I started War and Peace, but never finished, XD. I'm planning on trying again soon.

22. Worst movie you've ever seen? 
Ummm...probably Godzilla any of them. They've made sooo many, and I watched about 5 of them at my cousin's house one weekend.

23. Best movie you've ever seen? 
The Matrix (don't remember who made that one) or Split (M. Night Shymalan).

24. Best movie trilogy? 
The Matrix or the Unbreakable, Split, Glass (which comes out next year, woooohooo) trilogy!

25. Do you bing-watch Netflix? If so, how often? If not, why not? 
Too often, hahaha. Me and my siblings are trying to finish all of the DC shows from CW.

26. Do you look at memes? 
If I come across one, I might look at it, but I don't look them up.

27. Best moment of your life? 
Uh, being born? XD Just kidding. I don't know yet! The best day of my life WILL be finding out that I got published or recognized in the Scholastic Art and Writing awards, if either of those ever happen. :)

28. If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would that one thing be, and why? 
The thinness of my hair, probably. I'm able to grow it out, but it's so thin...

29. Favorite genre of reading? If you don't have a favorite genre, why not? 
I don't have a specific favorite. I like to read everything!

30. Are you relieved this list is over? If you're not relieved, why not? this a trick question?


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  • -Foxmillionaire-

    I agree with #11 Marval's movies are way better. But DC's tv shows (and comics) are really awesome.

    almost 2 years ago
  • janice

    Nice! I really loved your answer to #6--I'm not into boy bands, either :)

    almost 2 years ago