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April 6, 2020


Saline droplets sashay on its mottled skin.
A blemished, variegated specimen…
That lacked pigment.
It lies in envy and awe of the
Bronzed sovereigns,
the offspring of mother earth
Meticulously moulded with clay and soil.
Made to prevail scorching beams and sultry skies.

 And yet...
The black abomination gazes yearningly
With Salted beads cascading on its sunburnt skin.
A blackened, heartless creature…
That still carried a pulse.
It bows in reverence to the
Fair skinned deitys,
Heaven brought down
and contained by a single being.
Made to dwell with winter's ice.

But there is envy, even in heaven.
The green-eyed monster craves,
With streams of pellucid
bodily excretions soaking it's peachy surface.
A blonde haired bimbo...
That carries a heart as golden as it's hair.
It craves for a beauty beyond understanding.
Craving for smooth, pale, milk-like skin.
Made to rival the suns beams.

Hatred emerges from a person's inability to see their own beauty.



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1 Comment
  • PalmLeaf

    This is such a poignant piece on the importance of appreciating one's own beauty. No matter what skin colour, hair colour, eye colour, etc. you have, you should recognize how unique and worthy of love you are. Great message!

    7 months ago