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Sup my dude I'm 13 years young and I hope you like my stuff

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I'm am simply a writer though one of many. I never have a lot to say though you will see my stories are long. I try to spread light through my pieces even though they can seem dark. Throughout this message I noticed I've said though a lot, oops. Thank you. Peace!

My Life Story

December 20, 2018


Two parents
They love too much to tell you the truth
They’re breaking up
It sucks
But you already knew it
They were going to quit
Sooner or later  
You just hoped it’d be later
But no
You pick up your life and go
A place you’ve never been before
A couple things are left behind
Things you never knew really mattered
Like your dog
You were so small at the time
Never realized a parent was missing
Now you’re older and you understand
All the things from before and missing man
It’s better now but parts of you are still gone
Little black holes
Caused by pain and sadness
You’re now 10 and your dog has been shipped off
To your Grandma down in Sac
Temporarily they said
But she never came back
Then one of your guardians left too
It was too much to bear
You didn’t care
You wish he was here
To see that tear, roll down your cheek
You’re weak
Getting over it was tough
You did it even if it was rough
But as soon as you were okay he came back though it wasn’t the same
Now you only see him three times a month
Can’t sleep over
Can’t even travel very far
It’s hard
Always will be
But you’re used to it
Can’t handle more grief
I weep
Skip to 13
Always wanting a better option
than to go back and forth
not often
3 times a month has become not enough
Dog still gone
Dad still the same
I still argue
But I am content
There is someone new in my life
He is pretty swell
So I guess for now life is going well


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