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Those Damned Teens

October 10, 2018

Teenagers, they say.

They say it with a sneer, as an insult.

Because to them there is few things worse to be open, to be strong, to be alive.          

They come from a time where voices could not sing, and change is too much for them.

When we raise our voices, and let them shout, they fail to realize that we are rallying behind a message, that our words are not just hot air blowing into the void.

When children are treated as objects and not people, I raise my voice. When they are dehumanized, I let my voice soar high.

I rally now, because when I needed it, nobody raised their voice for me.

When I wanted a shoulder to lean on, I had nobody.
When I needed an ear for all my sadness, I had nobody.
When I craved two strong arms wrapped around me, I had nobody.

I have lived with depression for four years, and it is a house-guest that I feel will never leave my mind.

When it wrapped its oily black tendrils around my soul, I was fourteen years old. I did not know what I was facing, and I terrified myself. I felt unloved, because that is what my sadness told me to feel.

I learnt the hard way that in many families depression is not something to be acknowledged. When I confided to the people who mattered the most, I was left with a confused silence. They were not raised in an environment where the malfunctions of the brain were seen as a malady, and so to them I was asking for attention. It took a long time for me to find my inner strength, and an even longer time to act on it.

Look into the newspaper on any given day and there is a good chance that there'll be at least one article about a teenage suicide. People may look upon this as this generation being weak, but isn't it more because society has become more unyielding than ever? We have so many more platforms to express ourselves, which in turn create more platforms to tear each other down on.

I was scrolling through Instagram one day when I first came upon this. I saw happy, smiling people, desperate to show off their perfect lives. The bigger a person was, influentially, the more people seemed to love to hate them. It's so toxic, isn't it? The more following a person has, the more people judge them, making an inescapable loop. We seem to crave the "perfectness" that can only be seen on social media, but we fail to realize that in the imperfection lies realness.

Depression is a disorder, yes, but not one of the traditional variety. It is not the sort of sickness that can be cured by just pills and bed-rest. Peace in the mind comes with peace in the environment, and it is important to note that "environment" can mean different things to different people.  I was lucky enough to find a warm, caring environment with my friends. Once I was able to confide in them, there were always there to help me, and I will forever be grateful for all they have done for me.

Often the first step to healing comes with the ability to confide in people. It may not always go smoothly the first few times (trust me), but I can vouch that you will find a person who will understand you perfectly.

And very often, that person is a teen. Funny how the generation nicknamed "snowflakes" were able to help me more than the supposedly wiser older generation. Teenagers have the capacity, grit, and openness to change the world.

You'll see us gathered when the world has to be taken back. You'll see us in parks, on roads, on subway stops. You'll see us on the steps to the White House. You'll see us, because we'll be sure that you are watching.

Teenagers, we'll say.

The euphoria will be unmistakable.


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  • PurplePanache

    What a powerful piece! I love your perspective and style of writing!
    I would love to receive your peer review on one of my latest works as it's the first time I;ve delved into something of this sort, if you find the time. Here's the link:

    10 months ago
  • Johanna

    This is AMAZING. The wording is great, but just a little tweak, perhaps: 'because we'll MAKE sure that you are watching' thought that would make it stronger? Your choice, though. Love this!

    11 months ago