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My name is Anna Catherine. I'm a high school student in Australia. My interests include history, biology, writing, reading, playing guitar and dancing. My favourite genres of books are psychological thrillers, fantasy and science fiction.

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[ if you want to be a writer, you must do two things: read a lot and write a lot]

Writing is all about speaking from your soul and creating magic with your mind. To write, you must be able to connect with every aspect of yourself and every aspect of other people. You must be able to become someone else wholly.

Invisible (2)

October 4, 2018


February 5, 1972. 
I walked to school today. 

The rain poured down in large droplets, causing me to shiver. I wasn't dressed for this. By the time I walked through the school gates, my hair was soaked. What once was delicately soft curls was now a frizzy mess. I sighed, wrapping my hair into a ponytail with the hair-tie on my wrist. At least my outfit was still cute. 

Maria was standing at my locker by the time I got through the crowd of students. She looked amazing as always, with her flared denim jeans and Afro. In her hand was the local newspaper. The Marina 9 had sent back pictures of Mars from space and Maria was so excited. Maria was amazing at science and mathematics. She wanted to become an astronaut. Personally, I found it boring. Fashion was more my thing. 

The day just seemed to drag on. We had mathematics first. Yawn. Maria was in the class above me, so I was always left alone. Then I had English. We're reading Romeo and Juliet at the moment. I've never been able to understand old english, but the story is so beautiful. Star crossed lovers? I wish I had that. Instead I have Robert Smith with braces and a monobrow, reciting lines as spittle escapes from his mouth. Ugh. 

At the end of the day I stood at my locker, waiting for the chance to talk to Chris. He was the hottest guy in the school. Blonde hair and broad shoulders. Mm. I waited until the hall was deserted before walking over to him. This was going against all the rules. Maria would kill me if she found out. I went to tap his shoulder, but I was too chicken. Instead, I hefted my school bag onto my shoulders and raced down the stairs into the rain. 

February 6, 1972. 
Maria wasn't at school today. Her mum says she has a dreadful fever. It's so unlike her to get sick. I don't think she's ever had a day off school. 

My first period was gym. I forgot to bring my cute shorts today so I would have to wear my spares; yellow waist high button ups. They were fashionable last year, but I'd rather be caught dead than seen in them now. I waited until everyone was running their first lap of the gymnasium before sneaking out of the girls bathroom and into the school hallway. My mother disapproves of me ditching class but she knows how much I hate gym. 

I slipped into the main hallway and walked towards my locker, hoping no one would ask me why I wasn't in class. Maria was always able to sweet talk teachers out of giving us detention. It would be just my luck to get detention the one day Maria wasn't here. 

Caught up in my thoughts, I almost missed the commotion that I had stumbled open. Shouting. It came from inside the classroom to my right. And the rattle and roar of a gun. It couldn't be. We'd never had a school shooting before. Not at our school. I heard the doorknob rattle and a person stagger out of the classroom. Jonathon. His hand was pressed to his side, his white shirt now sticky and red. He sees me and he begins to shout, telling me to run. I don't want to leave him but my legs betray me. I start running towards the front office, now wishing I hadn't ditched all the gym classes for the past month. 

I almost make it around the corner when a boy with red hair burst through the classroom door behind me, a gun in his hands. His eyes darted between me and Johnathon. I was frozen in place. The boy pointed the gun at Johnathon's head. Johnathon looked at me, his eyes pleading me to run. I couldn't. I was stuck in place, condemned to watch the boy I like die. The gun went off. Blood and brains slammed against the opposite wall. There was a hole where Johnathon's head was supposed to me. I suppressed a scream and ran. My feet couldn't move fast enough. And I couldn't get the image of Johnathon's dead body out of my head. 

I was almost at the door when I felt a sharp pain in my side. I collapsed, my hands reaching for the hole in my brand new shirt. The boy stands above me. He points his gun at my face. Boom. 


February 7, 1972. 
Yesterday was such a blur. In other news, Maria is still away. That damn fever. 

Why is everyone so dismal today? People keep sobbing in the halls. I don't know what I missed. I would ask someone, but they call seem to ignore me. Weird. 


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  • ~Kate T

    That ending got me. Heartbreaking.

    over 2 years ago
  • ALangford

    this is so so powerful

    over 2 years ago