Blotted Ink with a Broken Quill

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13 years old.
In love with books.
Ranger's Apprentice. 1
Dawn of Wonder. 2
Wings of Fire. 3
Warriors. 4
Percy Jackson. 5




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I have found that what I put here before was very deep.
Just wanted to say hi.
So hello.

And remember that whoever you are, however you look, in what way you think, what you drink, how you express yourself, how you write, what music you listen to, and even how long your fingernails are, the only real thing about you is what you decide to be.


October 5, 2018



The moment was ephemeral. Soon to be fragmented by the truth of reality, soon to be broken as It comes rushing upon me, a torrent of frozen emotion; static for me to view as my life crumbles before me.
    Peace? To be ended. Love? To be destroyed. Life? To be taken.
    And I? I am shattered. A broken stained glass window of the reaper's chapel, brushed away by the melodious, yet inevitable singing of death.
Imperfection is my being, distortion is my trade. Illusion is all I have ever known.
    But yet... I crave for more. I crave to stand at the top of the world and pour out my soul. Scream louder than the raging wind and harder than the gods themselves ever could. I would yell in defiance at the world that I had the right to suffer!
    And through all of that, my thoughts fly by faster than light. Pieces of me, being thrown around in a beautiful collage of  complete and total chaos. That is all I am, mask's stripped off. A hurricane of not good or bad, but simply an interesting mess of life.



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