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Rosa Sanchez

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Life doesn't come with directions

January 15, 2016

When you consider it, you’ll notice that there aren’t real instruction of how to live a perfect life. There have been many movies made to show to world that living itself is challenging. Some show a hard reality, while other illustrat a dream like life. However, actor,writer, director and  producer, Eugenio Derbez faced a difficult task. Derbez along with Guillermo Rios, Leticia Lopez Margalli and 7 credits come up with an astonishing, realistic fiction story, name Instructions not included.  In which Eugenio Derbez appear as Valentin Bravo, Loreto Peralta as Maggie, Jessica Lindsey as Julie and  many other great actors.
     The story takes place in Mexico and then changes to Los Angeles. Giving this a touch of culture but also making a connection with the audience, for many of these people watching this movies may be immigrants or have another an ancestor who was. There's a belief that this movies was made in order to represent the struggles that single parents face, for the main character Valentin is a single father raising a child, while working and looking for his daughter mother. He has a dangerous job, as a double in action movies. The fact is that he does his best to raise his daughter everyday. This story also has a touch of humor, for there are scenes so funny you can't laugh. And moments so sad that tears will just fall by themselves.
    When these moments that touch your heart arrive you'll understand the feeling of knowing how a great movie is. You'll figure it out by the way the movies pulls you in with it's exciting, bitter, realistic and over all the actors actings. The actor were really into their role and that's illustrated by how amazing the movie is. If you didn't know it was a movie you would probably think it was one of these popular life tv shows. Especially the sound effects and the camera angles, for the right sounds and camera angles were used to show what was happening in the story. However, one thing  you'll  all agree with is that the storyline was a bit disappointing. Even after 3 years have passed since the realised "Instructions not included " that ending is unforgettable. How could that happened? Is all You'll be thinking about. And you'll criticize the ending, and even hate this movie. But remember this " what makes a movie unique isn't the story, but how you interpret it". For there are many ways to look at this story.
If you enjoy movies, and got bored of seeing the same plot over and over again. Try watching "Instructions not included ", for it have that freshness. It's a movie like no other with every you may want in a movie. It greatness is so great that you'll be move. Don't take my word for it just watch it, and experience that especial feelings, live these moments with the characters and rejoy over how wonderful it was. Then fight over how many times you want to see it again. In the end you'll understand that "if real stars were given to rate a movies this one would get five galaxies out of four or even higher ".


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