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Charlie In The Chocolate Factory: Film Review

January 14, 2016

Charlie In The Chocolate Factory

    Movies made by Disney are corny and out right not worth watching most of the time, this is not the case with Charlie In The Chocolate Factory. This movie shows you the effort and how much fun you could have with special effects. The owner of the chocolate factory, Willy Wonka, who is played by Johnny Depp has the best personality and look to him, he grabs the viewer's attention right away. The kids who have won Wonka’s contest soon go into the factory. It is easily seen that all have their own personality traits that will make you hate them with a passion. However one kid named Charlie Bucket, played by Freddie Highmore is the only one who is quiet and is just lucky to be there.

    Our story starts with a little boy named Charlie Bucket, who does not have the best life compared to his community. Charlie Bucket’s family is a poor one with not much to give. Living with his mom and dad as well as his four grandparents, Charlie has no other choice, but to work handing newspapers. During one of his storytimes, Charlie's grandfather, Grandpa Joe, who is played by told the tale of Willy Wonka, the best inventor of candy. Willy Wonka was known to making everlasting flavorful gum as well as ice cream that never melts, all this was wonder however Mr.Wonka closed his factory doors. Many rumours surfaced as to why he did such thing as he was the best of the best.

    A couple years later, these flyers arrived in town that stated that five lucky kids are able to enter the factory if they find a golden ticket in one of the wonka bars. Charlie’s poor family could barely make dinner for themselves let alone afford a candy bar. Poor Charlie tired two times with his grandpa's money and his mom and dad's and had no luck. Until he found some money on street, he bought one last one and got the golden ticket the way it looked was amazing no doubt about it. Now the journey begins into the chocolate factory.  

    The first 30 mins of the movie makes the viewer feel a bit sympathetic for the Charlie as well as his family. Later on in the movie is when it gets interesting as we get introduced to the  Oompa Loompa workers which are mini people who help Mr.Wonka create various types of candy. As Willy Wonka continues his tour, one by one the children are removed from the factory, as this is happening the Oompa Loompas sing songs as tribute. Unlike the the old Willy Wonka movie this new one only as special effect and uses one Person, the old movie used various actors to play the Oompa Loompa.

    Throughout the movie you can see the real reason why Mr.Wonka invited these kids into the factory. You can see Mr. Wonka having vivid memories of his childhood as his dad rejects him from eating candy as a child. Now he is getting much older and has to instill his responsibilities on a new person. This is why he is opening his doors after all of these years. This movie shows you the creativity and effort put in to make the viewers feel what Charlie and Wonka feel themselves, also to grow fond of the relationship between the two characters throughout the movie. This would be an amazing movie to show the children since the parents will have a lot of fun watching it as well.


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