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Little Boy

January 14, 2016

Little Boy is a sad but entertaining story that mesmerizes anyone who watches it. The story is based during the brink of wwll, people in a small town are starting to get drafted in the war and pepper busbee’s brother is supposed to get drafted but gets rejected for having flat foot. Instead his father gets drafted. Pepper is very devastated because his father is his best friend and they are supposed to stick together no matter what. they do everything together and complete every adventure they go on. All his life even before his father went to war he gets bullied for the way he looks. He’s tiny compared to all the other kids his age. He has no friends and is trying everything possible to get his father back. he is really into magic and thinks that by moving a mountain he can have his father brought back from japan. in the small town theyre is a japanese man living in a little house isolated from everyone. when he goes into town he gets threats and dirty looks. he isnt taken seriously and people want him gone. but pepper wants to befriend him, at first he thought it was a terrible idea despite everything that people said especially his brother because he really hated the japs, he still became good friends with him. London, peppers brother still hated the idea that pepper was hanging out with Mr. Hashimoto. one day he found him eating in the place of his father at the dinner table and fiercely told him to get out that he never wanted to see him again. he then pulled out a shotgun and pointed it right in his face, that if he didnt leave he would shoot him right where he stood.     
These scenes were nail biting to watch because the viewers didnt know if London was going to shoot Mr.Hashimoto and the viewers were released to see that in the end he ended up sparing him and letting him leave. Over all this story is really emotional and in the end I would recommend this to any one of my friends because it was really good. 


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