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October 3, 2018


    The girl from behind the desk kept her eyes fixed on her computer screen, completely oblivious to the noise of the room. I snuck looks her direction from time-to-time--she looked gorgeous. Lenny told me I need someone to go with to the wedding, so getting her to go with me would be perfect. It would most likely never be, though. I never got luck when it comes to girls.
   I kept looking, but didn't possess the guts to go up to her. To my surprise, she looked up to me, winked, then smiled slightly.
   My mind went still, silent with shock. Did--did she just...
   "Jorge," she spoke loudly, beckoning to me. I stepped up to the desk, doing my best not to be some stupid dolt. Right. Be cool. You got this.
   She went over something to do with my doctor, but I only mostly listened. Up close, she looked even more gorgeous.
   "...Got it?"
   I nodded quickly, hoping I didn't miss too much. Miss things worth missing, to be specific.
   She smiled, then pressed something into my fingers. Looking down, I noticed it looked something like folded notebook sheet with writing on it. Upon closer inspection, I could see letters--her number!
   I stuttered some rushed goodbye, then strode out of there feeling like I just won the lottery. This sure is one wonderful hour of my life.
I managed to exclude the letter "a". Dang, it was hard. Prompt came from the Corner Writing Club.


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  • Corner Writing Club

    Sorry we were late in reading this. Nice piece! It was a hard prompt and you still managed to make the writing flow naturally.

    over 1 year ago
  • JCWriter

    I read this then got to the end and saw your footnote and I had to go back and reread it because I couldn't believe there were no "a"s in it AT ALL. Brilliant. I can't imagine how you did it!

    over 1 year ago