Writers block is a plague and I'm infected. Hi, I'm Araw. I'm seventeen and I call myself I writer.

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This melted my brain. Good job on the people who attempted it because it is so damn difficult, especially if you chose to leave out E (like I so stupidly did). I kind of never want to do this again, but I also want to try the other letters.

Hanging #missingavowel

October 2, 2018


I was always taught to not to call it a human, but that’s what it was. Though its form was limp and its lips a dull plum colour, it was truth that it was human. This stood against what I was told, but it was truth. It hung by a cord from a giant oak but it was truth. I was far too similar to it than I was told to think.

               I was always taught to brand it a criminal, an abomination. A symbol of unnatural corruption. Its hanging, a show of what it costs to sin against God. Though, looking at it, I cannot possibly trust that it was guilty of any malicious action. Its soft hand did not look as if it had an ability to stop a man living. As it swung slightly, I caught a sight of a wistful fragility in its form. All I could do was ask why I was human and why it was not.


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  • JadeAndSerpentine

    There was a Flash Fiction Group prompt on writing without "e", and yours is by far the best. Wow. If you hadn't said so, I wouldn't have even noticed!!!!!!

    over 1 year ago
  • mayfly

    This is beyond impressive

    over 1 year ago
  • Anha

    DAAAAMN I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW GOOD THIS IS! You've managed to keep your signature style while omitting an entire letter, oh my god I'm so impressed.

    over 1 year ago